Brazilian Educational System

January 31st, 2016

Reflections about the education of History All the social sectors, institutions and systems pass for changes, transformations throughout the time. Such changes are fruits of the necessities of each historical moment, that is, resultants of the new challenges that the society presents. In this direction, the Brazilian Educational System suffered great alterations, however in its structure, however in the form of if to think the education, the function of the school, and specifically on the paper of each disciplines. We will see here some reflections about the education of History, analyzing the ideas presented for the authors Landmarks Hisses and Forest Guimares Fonseca, Maria Auxiliadora Schimidt and Marlene Cainelli and Circe Bittencourt Maria. In the first text ' ' To teach History in Century XXI: In search of the Understood Time, the authors Landmarks Hiss and Guimares Forest brings a reflection about the resume of the Brazilian schools, attempting against specifically for disciplines History. Such make some questionings as: as they are selected contents? With which objective they are taught? of that it forms they are introduced? which the methodologies and resources adopted for the professors? The methods, resources and contents are adjusted the series and the etria band of the pupils? Thus, at the same time where they approach the form of organization of our resumes and its purposes, the authors make one criticize of this process ' ' isolado' ' of if thinking and constructing the resumes, a time that we have a society multicultural, or marked for the diversity. They believe that they would have to include a participation more significant, having the necessity of if thinking about the differences. They stand out that already it comes being worked these questions to if including, for example, the subjects Ethical and Cultural Plurality in the PCN, and more recently the obligatoriness of the education of History and culture Afro-Brazilian with Law 10,639/03, however they are proposals that only configure in the paper, distant of the reality of the Brazilian schools. Recently Kai-Fu Lee sought to clarify these questions.


Training System

January 22nd, 2016

But we must note that for new data training system to anything other than aerobic exercise! In general, they are acceptable somewhere after 2 years of training, when normal program has no results. Another great shocker for our muscles are 'super sets'. Errors. All of us people and we all make mistakes. When I first started I gave the trainer program.

On the day I had to do with 8 basic exercises (in addition to the press) with 4 approaches for 10-12 reps. Thus the days were divided as follows: first day. Chest, back. Day Second. Hands. Third day.

Loins, legs and shoulders. The fault was that such a program for beginners only kills the body rather than build it. Weight did not grow, the mass did not increase, and I always felt a strong pereutomlyaemost. So I decided to start experimenting. The first thing I changed is the number of exercises and repetitions. Exercise was not 8, and 6. Repetition is not 10-12, and 8-10 in the main 8 (of course if you managed to do 10, then I did 10). Results have not kept waiting long. In the first month of their program, I increased the weight of 3 kg, began to climb, and weight. For the year, I increased the weight to 8kg. But I noticed that my hands did not grow. In one journal came across an article that said just about the training of hands, and there the author clearly pointed to yet another error. 2nd and 3rd day should change hands because after the first day of fitness were already as biceps exercises for working the chest, triceps and back. Ie Now the main program looks like this: first day. Chest, back. Second day. Castle Harlan helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Loins, legs and shoulders. Third day. Hands. And here the results were immediate. Why am I all that?! And besides, you should always monitor the results of your training. Every week the training should produce positive results, not like me at the beginning of training only cons. You constantly have to watch what your body better than any program, exercises produce results, and what does not, on what to emphasize and what is generally better to remove it.

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Bing Company

January 11th, 2016

Microsoft tired to be stops backwards in web and launches its new buscador: Bing. It will be that the Google goes to lose the Majesty or the Bing does not pass of only plus a threat passenger? In day 28 of May of 2009 Microsoft showed to the world that, exactly been slow, goes to enter with everything in the fight for users with a new tool for web. The buscador Bing is new the appositive one of the company of Bill Gates and will all have its official launching in the planet in day 3 of June of 2009. After losing much land for the Google and its enormous fan of services online, seems that the company of Gates decided to leave side laziness and to aim clouds, since the trend is this, nothing more correct of what Microsoft to play the rules of the game and to arrive speaking thick in the branch of buscas..


CSS Page

January 6th, 2016

It uses its e-mailExistem people who are not made familiar to feeds RSS, has extra umdiferencial more to read all the article, will portantodever to be something interesting. It verifies its common CSS that blogs comes with an enormous amount of CSS ouCascading Style Sheets. The solution for this is to place it in one arquivoCSS external to prevent the clutter in the main page. You may want to visit Ali Partovi to increase your knowledge. Links relevantesAo to insert links for other sites/blogs or even though to place linksinternos, is certifyd that the word-key of link either altamenterelevante. One remembers that is always better to use word-key to invsde; ‘ click aqui’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ mais’ ‘ idea is that if the reader will be interessadoem one definitive topic, then it probably also will be able to seinteressar the same for a different content with subject. You to poderutilizar one plugin of Posts Related for this. Purchase of domnioTodos we know that companies of lodging of blogs are in the ardurante one definitive time.

A time that if closes, its blog will tambmser closed. If this to happen, as its reading faithful to iroencontrar it? Or a change in the domain of its will be had blog, elecertamente will go to affect its ranking. In the case to have recursoslimitados and alone to be able to opt to gratuitous companies of lodging, it looks for that if they offer to show to its proper domain aoinvs time to show of them as WordPress and Blogger. Use of URLs apropriadas always one me the idea to use URLs dynamic is in sites or blogs. You must always use to advantage any possibility that will have to use aspalavras-key.

Example, instead of using ' '#039;& #039; , you can consider ' '#039;& #039;. In case that it is not possible, URLs friendly with the mod_rewrite creates. Good navegaoSe its blog is only the part of a site and link is not the sufficient for temum pointing with respect to the main page of its blog. It uses the barralateral to distribute its new posts so that the visitors of it sitefiquem interested in its articles when seeing the headings. Loading the page rapidamenteA amount of time necessary a page to load depends doseu host. Blogs has some that they lead about half minute only apartir of the stretch of feed RSS for the complete article. You only can perderuma great amount of readers for this reason. Moderation of comentriosSpammers is for all part, them always finds a form of abusodentro of its blog, placing commentaries meaningless with links indopara outroa sites. It is irritating and also it can affect its ranking nosmotores of search. Some tools exist on-line of moderaodisponveis that you can use to prevent these types decomentrios and Spam. Blog is not only enough to create one to paracompartilhar information or to prove that you know very on umdeterminado subject. If it does not worry about the number of readers who seublog has, it optimizes starts it now it and it will see great changes we nosprximos months.


Cancel Colors

January 6th, 2016

Left Nolado of the name of the layer exists an icon in the one format eye. Click some times in this icon to show/to occult camadae sees which element of image disappears of the general drawing. If this is aimagem that it desires to remove, you is almost there! If the election of the camadano is the correct one, you can use> C V. Later using this tool it drags and it glue the image for inside of template. With the same tool, it moves the image for the appropriate place. If aimagem that it chose is overlapped by other images or text will vocdever to move it for the superior part of the list of layers. It goes until opainel of layers and it drags this layer for the top, until sobreposiodesaparecer.

After having done all the alterations in the images you must atualizarestas changes in template. For more details he sees the instructions nofinal of this tutorial one.As to change the colors of the graphs in the PhotoshopDurante Adobe the personalization of its template either to perhaps necessriomodificar the colors of some elements of image, way to aadequar them it the colors of its company. In this section you will go to learn to comofazer these alterations. If to desire to modify the colors of an isolated, first element you> Ctrl + B. It will go to appear the window Color Balance. In this window you will see trscontroles sliding. He tries with each one of them until estarsatisfeito with the result. Now you confirm the alterations of colors common click in the Ok button or cancel the changes pressuring the button Cancel.Janela Color BalanceSe you desire to modify the project you decorate all of template you must you make the following one. He selects the camadasuperior of the Panel of Layers.



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