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January 22nd, 2016

But we must note that for new data training system to anything other than aerobic exercise! In general, they are acceptable somewhere after 2 years of training, when normal program has no results. Another great shocker for our muscles are 'super sets'. Errors. All of us people and we all make mistakes. When I first started I gave the trainer program.

On the day I had to do with 8 basic exercises (in addition to the press) with 4 approaches for 10-12 reps. Thus the days were divided as follows: first day. Chest, back. Day Second. Hands. Third day.

Loins, legs and shoulders. The fault was that such a program for beginners only kills the body rather than build it. Weight did not grow, the mass did not increase, and I always felt a strong pereutomlyaemost. So I decided to start experimenting. The first thing I changed is the number of exercises and repetitions. Exercise was not 8, and 6. Repetition is not 10-12, and 8-10 in the main 8 (of course if you managed to do 10, then I did 10). Results have not kept waiting long. In the first month of their program, I increased the weight of 3 kg, began to climb, and weight. For the year, I increased the weight to 8kg. But I noticed that my hands did not grow. In one journal came across an article that said just about the training of hands, and there the author clearly pointed to yet another error. 2nd and 3rd day should change hands because after the first day of fitness were already as biceps exercises for working the chest, triceps and back. Ie Now the main program looks like this: first day. Chest, back. Second day. Castle Harlan helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Loins, legs and shoulders. Third day. Hands. And here the results were immediate. Why am I all that?! And besides, you should always monitor the results of your training. Every week the training should produce positive results, not like me at the beginning of training only cons. You constantly have to watch what your body better than any program, exercises produce results, and what does not, on what to emphasize and what is generally better to remove it.

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