Education and Technological Innovations

June 27th, 2012

(PRETTO, Nelson) Prof. Fernando Cardona – PRETTO, Nelson. Education and technological innovation: one to look at on the Brazilian public politics. Brazilian magazine of Education. May the August. 1999. Available in: access in 20-04-2009 the text searchs to construct atravsde social and technological examples the necessity of if stopping and reflecting on oprocesso of currently present teach-learning in Brazil.

According to Pretto, this if finds unbalanced and disoriented completely ahead of the tendnciassociais found in ' ' new gerao' ' of individuals. These, completamenteinterligados and accustomed to a fragmented and full communication of ruptures, not in the text of the message, but in the agility of consultation, analysis and consolidaodo knowledge. For Pretto, the MEC, main potential agent of paradigmtica transformation of this process, nosomente for being the arm of the State in the conduction of the politics in the sector daeducao, but for the fact of being able to act as articulador of weight in elaboraode a proper scene, diametrical acts of opposing form pontuando ediscursos projects that they show clearly, according to Pretto, of that, or this totalmentesem route, obsolete without vision some for where the society this walking, or estaem one total internal descoordenao enters some public beings who soresponsveis for the formularization of the public politics in currently practical nopas. The text is presented divides ahead in 3partes of equal importance in the quarrel of the education of the inovaestecnolgicas, and still more, of the evolution of the society as a whole. In the first part of the article, oautor detaches the characteristic nothing uncommon of the social being to search oestabelecimento of relationships, and more than nets. These, declared embusca of conectividade, chances – commercial or social. Of igualmodo, the search for the technological evolution also has been a socialimportante landmark in the present time. Oparadigma appears then of the Internet suggesting that now we live in one ' ' society in linking between oselementos of the net -, the homogeneity coherence between the entrances and exits decade member of the net -, the isotropia to enxergar the net with one all -, anodalidade if detma a mere conjectural affirmation, but denounces of eexemplificada prompt form the disparity enters the teach-learning paradigm atualmentepresente in the schools that do not obtain to absorb, or to prepare the individual for, onovo world-wide social scene of interconnection and speed.


Technology Concepts

June 21st, 2012

INTRODUCTION The technology concept is not recent, therefore since the decade of 1980 we come across in them with the evolution of the computers, television sets, the sprouting of the Internet for the society, amongst other advances. But it occurs that century XXI is bringing new concepts of technology and for the world of the education is appearing new elements for the transmission and the acquisition of knowledge. This concept is being called interatividade and the proposal of this work is to display, of form sucinta, as this process is intervening with the educational context and as the professors and the pupils are if adaptando to this new form of transmission of knowledge and the proper culture as a whole. The teaching professional must search new forms to promote the education, so that thus the educational construction occurs in ideal way for all. THE INTERATIVIDADE AND THE NEW FORMS OF EDUCATION IN THE TECHNOLOGICAL WAY The technology is something that is inserted in our day the day, does not exist a moment where not let us can use an equipment that contains a technology, therefore we use computers, since the residential computers until the most sophisticated netbooks, have television sets, we make use of the Internet Broad band, attend to films in cinemas 3D, we use cellular to each day more interactive, that is, the technology most advanced is in our lives. This technological advance is if revealing in diverse social ways and the Education it would not be different, new forms of education are being produced and this parameter makes in them to reflect as if it must apply these new technologies for the best form to produce education. As the professionals of the Education (professors; educational managers) and the proper pupils are if adaptando to this new technology. To mention and to reflect on these subjects, I will divide this work in three subjects, where he will be boarded as the new technologies must be applied in the educative process, the conceptualization of Interatividade, a term of great relevance nowadays and as the professor can use these news technologies to improve its lessons.



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