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October 8th, 2016

…Mehr than just a huge Smartphone with killer camera I would say first of all that I was convinced in all aspects and hitherto a staunch Apple user was actually from my iPhone. Since I am but since the last update (iOS 6) problems like missing places and roads in maps, phone calls tearing off and many other small issues had, I went on the search for a new device and am struck at Nokia Lumia 920. Without anticipating too much, that Lumia is without a doubt an outstanding device. As one the first Windows 8 smartphones captivates the phone a distinctive appearance, which spans the characteristic design of the new Windows operating system. With the release of the Lumia 920 followed the now third attempt to win Nokia’s finally on ground in the world of smartphones. Despite enthusiastic reviews of previous models, which were until now rather harmless attempts of Lumia 900 for a substantial decline in sales, the deal with the release of the new flagship Now you want to recover. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Robotics expert . Design meets technology the Nokia Lumia 920 is in all respects a very great phone.

At least if you keep the Smartphone for the first time in the hand, you will notice, that the 185 g (cf. with iPhone 5: 112 g) but make a significant difference you can never to forget. Although the size and weight are some deterrent in the first moment, a 4.5 inch Gorilla behind glass screen with HD is resolution. Due to the rounded corner and the distinctive look, the Smartphone looks like a high end version of the 900 Lumia and feels great to hold. A camera that is second to none the Nokia Lumia 920 owns a 8.7-mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and is without a doubt one of the best smartphone cameras I’ve ever seen. throughout. The quality of the recordings is reinforced by Nokia’s “PureView” label, which mostly shines in dimly lit environments, where the most installed cameras fail miserably.



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