Sony Ericsson

February 3rd, 2015

More recently, the world saw a new product from the company Sony Ericsson– K 660i. The new phone is aimed at a new generation that is very closely associated with his life without the Internet and the latter simply do not is this life. Functionally, the producers do not have to reinvent the wheel and the machine performed in some of today’s standards. The tube is equipped with a megapixel camera, radio, MP-3 player, Bluetooth and many others taken by the function. We should pay particular attention to the advanced Internet capabilities. First, they provide a fairly high-quality display with the expansion of 320 x 240 pixels that can display more than 262 thousand tones, supports a horizontal orientation that makes it possible to more comfortably view the web-page. Second, the handset supports HSDPA network in UMTS.

This provides a very decent rate data. Another indication of the orientation of the phone to the Internet is a card support Google Maps, which helps to conveniently view the relevant pages on the Internet. Unfortunately, for our country, Google these cards have not yet produced. If you will like this article, we recommend to go to this site, where you will find more useful information about mobile phones including Sony Ericsson.

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