The Technology

December 21st, 2018

This time, where the existential experiences supply a learning of its cultures and provide thus the construction of knowledge, also supplies to a learning between man and existence as to be creative, cultural and dynamic. The WEB in its time Elias (1998) affirms that all the individual, for greater that is its creative contribution, constructs from a patrimony to know already acquired, which it contributes to increase, what it is not different in what it says respect to the knowledge of the time. The concept of time in them does not take to a copy of a way with an existing objective nor of one form of common experience the previous humanity and to any contact with the world. The author sample that the classification of the time as marking of dates and determination, if does not conceive from a representative form that supposedly divides the world and classifies in citizen and object. Robotics expert may also support this cause. It it rests, simultaneously, in physical processes not mattering that they are molded by the independent men or of them and in comments capable to accumulate of stocks, to congregate in a conceptual synthesis what it is presented in a succession, and not as a set.

They are not the man and the nature, in the direction of two separate data, that constitute the cardinal representation demanded to understand the time, but yes the men in mago of the nature. (ELIAS, 1998, p.12) If to think complex the time, is necessary to trace a relation with the man and its existence, being been important to recognize that the digital technology supplies an information where does not have a linearity of the time. It considers the humanity, inside of the individual and collective time, constructed for proper it, extending all the knowledge that she acquires and adaptando the technology its favor. Reflecting on the radio what it is had to consider they are not the senders WEB or the information that will be taken to air, but the convivncia of the process inside of the school with one context of nets, that establishes a new relation with the time of the information that if they transform into knowledge disponibilizados in the net.


Online Music Sites

December 21st, 2018

Currently diverse sites exist that offer musics to hear for the Internet. The majority of the convensionais radios online also possesss a version that it all transmits for the Internet its content that passes in the common radio. Radios as Young Pan FM, Mix FM and Metropolitan FM amongst others as much, possess a programming directed toward the young public, both have its version online. Contact information is here: Zendesk. The Pan Young is one of the biggest radios. The radio touches music, pop, rock and black electronic music.

The program Panic, presented in the Pan Young, is one of the programs of bigger hearing of the Brazilian radio, goes to the air of second a sixth to the half day and makes much success with the public of the Internet, that can interact with the programming sending mesnagens in the Twitter of the presenters of the program. If you are not convinced, visit Peter Asaro . Diverse other sites that programming in the common radio also does not have make success in the Internet sufficiently. Amongst them we have the Uol Radio, the Sonorous Land, radio online of the door land, the Kboing, Last fm Last FM is one of the biggest sites of musical content of the world, the service offers up to 50 bands to hear gratis, after this you can continue using the service paying only R$3,99/ms and will be able to listen to how many musics want. He confers the complete list with the main sites with Musics to hear online.


Ideal Sites

December 21st, 2018

Everyone has a personal blog free of charge. In addition, one needn’t be a web designer or software engineer to design a blog. Web sites, operating in a different domain and for which individual tabs and all templates should be designed and created from scratch, unlike blogs sites do not require such knowledge. Blog service providers have incorporated their own templates and fonts that must be chosen by bloggers, based on their own tastes and preferences. A blog is the ideal way of making new friends and come into contact with more people than what you can do in real life, from all parts of the world.

These people obviously have different points of view, which gives room for a large amount of discussion and debate, with all points of view that you can imagine.Blogs can also be developed with the sole purpose of socializing and making new friends. For this reason, social networking sites have picked up the idea and, in these times of social networks and blogs, have combined both concepts to such an extent that they become almost indistinguishable.It would be interesting to note that the word blog is a noun and a verb. This brings us to the fact that blogs, in a sense, help get rid of annoyances of publication. Although his work does not come out in print, you know that you can, through his blog, publish their work, their articles, photos, videos, etc., or yourself.Therefore, the blog may be his personal diary, which want others to read, or your own work of art, as for stories or articles that you write, or movies that you make. You can share nearly any content with the world.It should also be noted that as it is not necessary to be a web designer to create your own blog, it is not necessary to be a professional writer, a filmmaker or a photographer to publish content to your blog. It is just a space for that You can enjoy with its own artistic activities and to share those moments with others. For this reason, the blog should be exploited to their fullest potential.

GPS/GSM Communication Channels

December 18th, 2018

Loss of income due to improper transportation costs amid economic downturn threatens to ruin transport companies, and others who have even a small staff car. To stay afloat with the help of optimization of operating costs, excluding flights left, theft of fuel, unplanned downtime monitoring system to help vehicles using GPS trackers mounted on the transport organizations. Vehicle tracking using GPS tracker is based on GPS / GSM communication channels. The unit receives signals from satellites and determines its geographic coordinates, in the future passes them by conventional cellular GSM channel operators on the phone owner's GPS tracker. The unit is inactive satellites, neither of which does not transmit, only receive, the owner of the GPS tracker only pays for the transferred after a specified period of time SMS.

After receiving the coordinates of employee introduces them to the free service and Map Google gets a point on the map with an accuracy of 10 meters. Monitoring a large number of vehicles and control of movement throughout the day can be a special service, but it paid service, is enough to create your own (or rather one person receiving the data from the GPS tracker with SMS or Email e-mail). With the GPS tracker monitoring the vehicle you will be able to reasonably assess the true work of the entire transportation department and every driver in isolation and therefore make good management decisions. And the presence of SOS button will allow time to respond to illegal activities and quickly start the search of stolen cars. Traveling or sending a loved one in a long journey give it a small device the size of a cell phone, and you'll know where it is not regardless of the host country, the main thing that was there covering networks GSM. Technologies using GSM channels is not limited to tracking devices. Ali Partovi may also support this cause. your attention on the site are other types of systems security features based on the use of cellular operators.

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India Social

December 16th, 2018

Taking advantage of the expansion of its offices in Chennai (India) ABIBOO Architecture updates its website incorporating the address of their new Office in a beautiful three-storey building located in the heart of the capital in the South of the India from where ABIBOO Architecture will centralize all of his works in that country and the rest of Southeast Asia at the time. The new website of ABIBOO Architecture incorporates their new projects and extends the services offered to its customers. In this new stage, with an expanded team and a greater international presence, ABIBOO Architecture redefines its philosophy showing a more ambitious, committed and multidisciplinary vision. With these premises, ABIBOO Architecture brand intended to give the best answer through its large-scale projects to the needs of a geographical and social context so dynamic and emerging as the India and Southeast Asia, where some of his latest projects is developing. Thus, ABIBOO Architecture expands its geographic infrastructure at the same time as It promotes new artistic, technological and intellectual collaboration agreements and establishes new social commitments.

ABIBOO Architecture offers an innovative architectural design, which has always been present in its international architecture ranging from the interior design and furniture, through architectural design of the multitude of typologies, to urban design and Landscape. In addition to design, the architecture Studio offers strategic and real estate consulting services to respond to large scale with an attitude of commitment to environmental projects. Also, ABIBOO Architecture documents and promotes a social commitment that began to implement in 2008, developed from the deep knowledge of the social reality in which works, betting on the enhancement of habitat and care for the environment in its new website. This social responsibility is developed from the conviction of the potential generated by the combination of generosidad-arquitectura and the opportunity to help improve the quality of life of our society in the built environment. With this philosophy, ABIBOO Architecture, will allocate 10% of their human and financial resources in working in high social commitment works worldwide, especially in emerging countries with large social differences as it is the case of India and Southeast Asia. With this attitude of sensitivity to geographic reality works, ABIBOO Architecture strives for a social, environmental and economic sustainability committed to compliance with fundamental human rights. More information at: Spain – Madrid C / Breton de Herreros 61, 1-D, Madrid, 28003 T: + USA – New York 328 3rd Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302 T: + 1.201.855.9157 India – Chennai 9 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Nugambakkam, Chennai, 600034 T: + 91.9962064626 author: Pilar Esteban, head of communications for Markarte ( about ABIBOO Architecture ABIBOO Architecture is an international architecture and Design Studio with Headquarters in Madrid, New York and Madras, whose philosophy promotes innovation and sophistication. Their designs stand out for their pursuit of excellence and exclusivity, responding to the complex needs of the society in the 21st century.

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