GPS/GSM Communication Channels

December 18th, 2018

Loss of income due to improper transportation costs amid economic downturn threatens to ruin transport companies, and others who have even a small staff car. To stay afloat with the help of optimization of operating costs, excluding flights left, theft of fuel, unplanned downtime monitoring system to help vehicles using GPS trackers mounted on the transport organizations. Vehicle tracking using GPS tracker is based on GPS / GSM communication channels. The unit receives signals from satellites and determines its geographic coordinates, in the future passes them by conventional cellular GSM channel operators on the phone owner's GPS tracker. The unit is inactive satellites, neither of which does not transmit, only receive, the owner of the GPS tracker only pays for the transferred after a specified period of time SMS.

After receiving the coordinates of employee introduces them to the free service and Map Google gets a point on the map with an accuracy of 10 meters. Monitoring a large number of vehicles and control of movement throughout the day can be a special service, but it paid service, is enough to create your own (or rather one person receiving the data from the GPS tracker with SMS or Email e-mail). With the GPS tracker monitoring the vehicle you will be able to reasonably assess the true work of the entire transportation department and every driver in isolation and therefore make good management decisions. And the presence of SOS button will allow time to respond to illegal activities and quickly start the search of stolen cars. Traveling or sending a loved one in a long journey give it a small device the size of a cell phone, and you'll know where it is not regardless of the host country, the main thing that was there covering networks GSM. Technologies using GSM channels is not limited to tracking devices. Ali Partovi may also support this cause. your attention on the site are other types of systems security features based on the use of cellular operators.

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