Correct Translation

May 29th, 2011

You have completed Foreign Languages and do not want 'to work at his uncle'? Or are already working in the translation bureau and tired of the exploitation of the host-bourgeois? Or simply have en-ing the amount of money and choose where to invest them properly? All the questions a Reply – Organize your own translation! What you need to organize konkurenotosposobnoe translation? 1. We, the law-abiding translators, first collect all the necessary documents and register in as a legal entity or a private entrepreneur. Predporchtitelnee legal entity, as the organization byzyvaet greater confidence in the potential client, rather than a single translator. 2. Now ischim office. First it can be one room, but always with a phone and broadband internet.

3. Further buying a few computers, a modern printer, scanner and fax. 4. The next step – selection of staff. Previous stages of organization our translation office 'Barnyard', are the importance of more theoretical than practical. Now we come to the most factor – the staff, which in the opinion of Comrade Stalin decide everything.

However, in Translation Bureau to deal with staff how to deal with them, the father of peoples, not advise, you can go without employees. But seriously, your first candidate for the position of an interpreter should be invited to test defining their professional level. If you have at the opening of offices do not have much money to sostavt serious competition in the translations for major languages, then probably the best option would be the beginning of establishment of a bureau of translation of rare languages. In our case it was a Slovenian. So what are looking for translators with the Slovenian and other rare languages. Next you need to find a competent editor who will distribute the work between translators translated them and put parts together. And finally, hire a manager (or several) that will communicate with customers, working with translators and other officials. Administrator should compliance with the conditions of transfer (time, quality, and other conditions). 5. Now it's time to conduct an advertising company. After selecting translators, advertising – it is the second most important phase of the Translation Bureau. Advertising – the engine trade. In our case, advertising – it is the engine togrovli translation services. The old antiquated way of advertising – newspaper ads. way, though antiquated, but still works pretty well. Use. The modern way to advertise the translation – is the internet. Create your site in the network, and not skimp on buying good domain and quality hosting. Any legal person is suspicious, if it could not or did not want to buy normal domain. In this scenario, the client may refuse services firm, not even acquainted with the proposal, because the translation bureau is now very much the client should not be a single drop of doubt of the seriousness of your organization. You have created a website at first did not lead to you a single customer. To make it work, you need to hire an experienced professional to promote the site and put his condition – the conclusion of your site in the top ten issue major search engines for your key demands (see note). Use other methods of advertising via the Internet: contextual advertising, mailing lists, forums, social networking, pr in the internet. Ways to advertise a lot and you can, moreover, think of your own. If all steps are passed, no error is made, now you do not know hanging up on customers and are thinking only about the expansion of its business. So, good luck to you on this way!


Getting back to reading

May 24th, 2011

Go to read the phone book Oracle Night a “Paul Auster a ” Anagram – With read should be enough to imply that the writer’s craft and more particularly a novel is written. The literature requires dedication and work, not devoid of passion and joy evident in those who do what they like. I got fuckin ‘problem in wanting to comment on this book, but I read a week ago has not visualize where addressing the issue. Knowing he had to work on this issue, and as I read eThe oraculou night, taking notes. Something I do not like too much because I prefer to enjoy the book and then start to ramble on the subject. The novel is a novel that is inside another novel have if you understand me: Auster presents the story of a writer Sidney Orr who just left the hospital where he has been given up for dead, recovers despite forecasts . In his walks, is still weak, with the library Palace owned by Mr. Chang that sells a notebook blue Portuguese, this event in Orr causes a desire to write again, and leaves his long inactivity creative. The story goes on to talk in the book is of a character named Bowen which life changes dramatically after a gargoyle, when it fell, almost killed him, leaving his wife without warning and travels to another city where he finds a job the Preservation offered by a taxi driver, the place is hidden, is a fallout shelter and the data must be preserved are nothing more than telephone directories around the world and from different eras.


Email Etiquette 1

May 15th, 2011

I thought it might be worth visiting some email etiquette for all as most readers of this newsletter are now in the mail. It is important to consider that when people are emailing in the program, like it or not, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is one of my 'pet' in which I talk to give a public presentation on the Internet. It always amazes me how many people who have never thought about it, including the secretaries, but once that is mentioned they say 'Oh, yes, I had not thought of that! "Let's face? Many people use email at work and at home? But are not change.It is better to write messages in their entirety, and not use the phonetic spelling or many abbreviated words and phrases mean. I know which is a common practice in the chat programs to shorten the process, but email is very different, and these days, generally accepted, almost the same as a letter written. The reason not to write the email in the form of access is that it becomes a habit and not something to be promoted to potential customers, managers or other business associates.

It is important to remember that their "professionalism" is displayed in the 24 hours a day via email – a small point but important. Another thing? collectively develop a brand that people know who you are and what you do! I have it configured as an automatic feature every time you email, or respond to email, and sometimes forget to delete it when I send to my parents or other relatives? but that does not really matter. The thing to remember is that everyone is a potential business partner and letting them know who you are and what you do helps to promote your business or industry. This is a card that shows all the time. Third? note the correct spelling of the names of the people. I lost count of the number of times that people have responded to an e Electronic mine and spelled my name, either Kathy or Cathy? is neither. Also, I'm sure the spelling of his name is so important to you and quickly realized that someone explains incorrectly.It 's these little things that make the difference between an operator and the average company that makes something more? every little thing counts when it comes to attracting and keeping customers and partners. Taking the time to worry about these things and take care of name, including a customer goes a long way to developing good business relationships.


Environmental Protection Measures In Construction

May 4th, 2011

1) binding activities to protect water reservoirs, water sources and soil from both industrial and domestic waste from, and 2) measures to protect the air environment from harmful emissions into the air mainly industry and transport, and 3) measures to reduce noise and other hazards of oscillatory processes. Pollution of water bodies due to the direct discharge of waste water treatment facilities of industrial enterprises and sinks stormwater from urban highways, causing changes in water chemistry. To protect water bodies from pollution run-off construction companies need to more actively implement the technology with shallow and arid regimes, water recycling and increase the effectiveness of treating industrial effluents. To control the oil in the water kdp developed several ways. The most famous of them are luminescent, detectable concentrations up to 0,001. Air pollution is largely due to the development of industrialization of construction. Enterprise industry are massive sources of air pollution from dust hydrocarbons, soot and gas.

With the development of chemical industry and the introduction of its technology in the production of building materials has increased the diversity of new toxic substances to be removed from the process equipment and emitted into the air. In order to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere has developed a number of activities that must be implemented by businesses and construction sites. The composition of these activities include: conducting maximum automation and mechanization of all operations, development and implementation of an improved and technological and transport equipment, replacement of a single-stage removal of dust, exhaust gases in the cyclone''''more efficient fine dust collection apparatus. Other effective interventions are the replacement of wet electrostatic cleaning system that removes up to 96.7% of dust from the air. Sources of noise and vibration in the building are the means of transport, means of mechanization of earthwork, air compressors and . Measures to combat noise, repeatable machine is the replacement of material items, the device housings to achieve minimum tolerances of parts and joints of high-quality maintenance, as well as in reducing the volume of excavation and development of technology self-packing of cast concrete. In the early development construction site must be closely monitored for the removal of topsoil from the area of the built for its further use in the improvement or to send to other sites.


Mobile Marketing Online

May 4th, 2011

New technologies in terms of operating systems and development of mobile apps, and the launch of new models, which constantly outdo each other in terms of both processing capacity and memory, make developing mobile marketing has been a real boom. The format of mobile marketing is already being used for some time, but some items such as automobiles and the world of sport have expanded the boundaries of this fascinating activity to unexpected limits. The next football World Cup tournament in South Africa seems to make a long campaigned for a frantic race to plague the mobile content payments, raising invoices to unthinkable levels, and marking a point of maturity for this branch of advertising. The conditions for this blossoming are unbeatable. Football is a global passion, and users will pay to be aware in real time the results, especially when they can not have the comfort of their homes during sporting events. Thus, the sponsoring companies, the telcom and equipment manufacturers are rushing to launch new models with preloaded content, and develop high quality mobile content.

They have to do. The new phones can navigate without problem in the wireless broadband network (3G) a “where the infrastructure,” have more memory capacity micro sd cards, batteries are more efficient a “so no have to choose between talking or playing, and new developments to ensure programming level to create highly realistic experience. Some observations can be made in this regard. The greater or lesser development of mobile marketing a “which has already left behind the original sms payment system, to pursue other media, depends in large part to be given a number of conditions: advertisers willing to invest several million euros in a bid which, more optimistic than we are, is still quite bold, handset manufacturers and software that are associated to facilitate channel, and finally, cell phone companies are providing this growing trade. The hot issue in many countries is that mobile telephony is tightly controlled by regulators, and no longer a monopoly, since all (advertisers, creative, handset manufacturers and users) must look if we have the service. Mobile marketing has even greater potential to penetrate the online content, especially in Latin America. In Argentina, for example, there are more cell phones than people (more than 40 million), but only about half of the population has Internet access. Discounting the devices that need to be renewed, it would not withstand the media, and areas that do not have high-speed connection, it is clear that many more consumers have potential access to the mobile marketing.

The question is whether the advertising industry and services is mature enough and ready and meet the demands of this huge mass of consumers. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source to Victor Perez Acosta, is an entrepreneur and founder of Internet VPA in 1998. You can find more information and VPA are people in business. We know how you feel other business and what they want. We know you want to save money, but not at the expense of quality. We know you need a reliable partner. A company can always meet your deadlines. We work more than anyone to increase profits for your business, while reducing overall costs.

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The Real Bloggers Must Come From Another Planet

May 2nd, 2011

What in the world is with the world of blogs? Blogs are meant to be this new technology in large people can share their ideas and interests with others around the world. As I worry about the state of blogs is one of chaos, confusion and anti-interactivity. The other day I decided to do some research on the Web and try to connect to some blog writers out there that interested me. Let me tell you it was not a pleasant task as he had imagined. I spent four painful hours, browsing through about a thousand online journals, and only found a few that interested me. What are we doing here people? First, just getting to a blog can be a pain in the ass. For example, write on blogs, words and plenty of places to climb. Some are conglomerate sites with thousands of magazines, but the area you are looking for can only have one blog on it! This is because they separate the blogs into a million different categories such as ‘love’, ‘lovers’, ‘so adorable’ Why not just a few main categories to choose from? The next problem is the content.

People with ‘philosophical’ blogs are having personal conversations with their peers on the local dance competition on Tuesday! Why not go to a chat room if you just want to talk to your friends? The blogs are supposed to be a personal viewpoint expressed to the website of the entire community. Do not you really want to meet more people like you? What will happen if you talk in strange slang and acronyms that you and your friends can only be understood? If not stick to the issue at hand, and take at least half seriously. Another major problem is the fact that you can find a really cool blog that arouses interest, but find that the author has added an entry in over a year! What are you doing online? These people have died? I have serious doubts that there are so many blogs in the status of this “lost.” Having a blog is a responsibility is a shared agenda for the entire community.

How can anyone have a relationship if you just write in your blog once a millennium? Back to the subject of content: online journals are a real possibility to communicate regularly with others with similar views to himself. We can learn much from each other, as every human being is an individual with characteristics and special abilities that only they have. So why do we see so many blogs talking about trivial nonsense like “Who the film is the coolest actor.” Humanity is an intelligent species evolving everyday towards a higher consciousness. So where are all the thinkers out there, people who have led us to the next levels of spirituality and scientific exploration? I would like to hear what I have to say, but all I can find are philosophical beliefs on why died pink jeans express I real interior. The question of commenting on someone’s blog is also controversial. Why comment sections, if you respond to people who have expressed interest in what had to say? How is this community going to function if all the conversation is one-way! Come on people, wake up and smell the onions! Let’s change the blogging community in the impressive structure of shared knowledge that it was intended. Please do not let your time in the world of small talk chat rooms.



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