Environmental Protection Measures In Construction

May 4th, 2011

1) binding activities to protect water reservoirs, water sources and soil from both industrial and domestic waste from, and 2) measures to protect the air environment from harmful emissions into the air mainly industry and transport, and 3) measures to reduce noise and other hazards of oscillatory processes. Pollution of water bodies due to the direct discharge of waste water treatment facilities of industrial enterprises and sinks stormwater from urban highways, causing changes in water chemistry. To protect water bodies from pollution run-off construction companies need to more actively implement the technology with shallow and arid regimes, water recycling and increase the effectiveness of treating industrial effluents. To control the oil in the water kdp developed several ways. The most famous of them are luminescent, detectable concentrations up to 0,001. Air pollution is largely due to the development of industrialization of construction. Enterprise industry are massive sources of air pollution from dust hydrocarbons, soot and gas.

With the development of chemical industry and the introduction of its technology in the production of building materials has increased the diversity of new toxic substances to be removed from the process equipment and emitted into the air. In order to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere has developed a number of activities that must be implemented by businesses and construction sites. The composition of these activities include: conducting maximum automation and mechanization of all operations, development and implementation of an improved and technological and transport equipment, replacement of a single-stage removal of dust, exhaust gases in the cyclone''''more efficient fine dust collection apparatus. Other effective interventions are the replacement of wet electrostatic cleaning system that removes up to 96.7% of dust from the air. Sources of noise and vibration in the building are the means of transport, means of mechanization of earthwork, air compressors and . Measures to combat noise, repeatable machine is the replacement of material items, the device housings to achieve minimum tolerances of parts and joints of high-quality maintenance, as well as in reducing the volume of excavation and development of technology self-packing of cast concrete. In the early development construction site must be closely monitored for the removal of topsoil from the area of the built for its further use in the improvement or to send to other sites.



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