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September 17th, 2015

Who is looking after the best possible variant of a telephone tariff, should take into account some few things to find the deal ideal for themselves personally. Just who does not want to commit years of a specific provider, chooses provider typically a prepaid. A real challenge is to find the right mobile phone lines, in the confusing. Numerous vendors pushing regularly with new offerings on the market. A wide range of different tariff options also complicates selection and comparability. Therefore a comparison page, on which you can gain a first overview of all current mobile tariffs proves useful. Here, you can compare the cheapest mobile tariffs, sensibly arranged according to different types of users. An important step is to determine what kind of users they heard.

Infrequent callers rarely use their cell phone and have only very brief telephone conversations. Prepaid offers are particularly useful for them. These offers can Users can just load a specific and this then Talkety without binding himself to a term contract. Who, for example, only 30-60 minutes phone call a month and about 10 text messages writes, pay the correct rate only about 5 euros a month. Before choosing a tariff, users should observe therefore their own behavior and ask yourself: how much I make phone calls? Go the calls in the fixed network or to other mobile networks? I write many SMS? I surf with my phone on the Internet? Based on this data can already easily determine whether rather a contract with many extras and Internet flat in question, or rather a prepaid card that can be loaded on demand. A contract binds the customer for a specific period to a provider. This has advantages: the fare conditions are stable and sometimes cheaper than at the prepaid fare. There are also tools, for example a cheap smartphone at a contract often.

The advantage of the former can be interpreted but also disadvantage: contractual customers benefit from positive Price developments. Also the cost control here proves difficult. Prepaidnutzer can Talkety only credits that they have previously charged. There is also no basic charge. Since it is easier to keep track. A few years ago, the rates in the Prepaidbereich were located higher than when mobile telephony contracts. Meanwhile a change has used however also here: in particular cellular discount tariffs are now at least as favorable as the rates for contract. So costs the network-independent calls at the time at hellomobil and winsim, which both use the network of O2, only 6 cents per minute who decides for McSim, pays just 8 cents per minute in the Vodafone network. Also the tariff provider Congstar, which calculated 9 cents per minute in the T-mobile network is popular. Depending on the provider more credit on the card is partially available, as these costs themselves in the acquisition. Thus every month who noticed these points, can save a lot of money.


Internet Digital

September 17th, 2015

Interrogare trend study 2012: market researchers are investigating behavior of multi-device – innovators / use of Tablet, Smartphone and classic PC for the first time the increased use of mobile devices along with a clear establishment of app usage increasingly divided the Internet into individual access worlds and further promotes the digital fragmentation. This is a core result of the Interrogare trend study 2012 to the use of digital media in the age of tablets, smartphones and apps, which illuminates the use of preferences with digital pioneers. The research company Interrogare questioned the rapidly growing group of multi-device – innovators, who have both a Tablet and Smartphone, as well as a classic PC do this for the first time.Detailed study results and resulting implications for the digital economy under available as a free download. The trend is clear: tablets and Smartphones dominate private device use with 70 percent usage share, and downgrade the desktop PC or laptop to the working unit. While the Smartphone as a digital communication centre is closed throughout the day, the Tablet is becoming the preferred private entertainment and Internet media.

Multi device innovators access situational influences and at the end of time and space independent from different devices on preferred services and content. This trend target group opens up new insights, the digital economy to the digital challenges ahead to be prepared, “so Daniel Rieber, Director digital research at Interrogare and responsible for the implementation of the study. The Tablet is the favored private entertainment instrument already two years after the launch of the iPad tablet at the tested multi-device innovators has become the favored instrument of private entertainment. It advances according to survey participants more and more in the food point”of users. At home, the Tablet under multi-device innovators is used most: 96 percent of respondents use it for browsing and research, 93 percent for emails read and write, 87 percent of the consumption of digital media services, 82 percent for video clips and 75 percent for online shopping.


Swarovski Rhinestone

September 5th, 2015

How you today with style in the networked world remains is about what the people least at home forget it is the phone. No wonder it has become so important for many, like a vital organ. It is the better version of a spare brain, where all important information is stored, we we can simply no longer remember or want to. It is today the phone to lose a bigger disaster than the house keys. Who loses the House key, gets the key service, and the whole problem is from the table in an hour. I lose my phone, however several problems hit me.

The mobile reminds me of appointments, tell me wen I when where wanted to meet my friends, let me order tickets and regulate my online banking. And Oh yeah, it also the key service is with the unit call. Translated to the English word smart Smartphone, then you get a smorgasbord of German adjectives. Including words like smart, efficient, nimble and fashionable. Would you one of these words take out what most likely rewrites the Smartphone would you simply don’t comply with the device. It is everything.

In addition to all the great things that are technically can afford a Smartphone, it has risen in the favour of the user nor for any other reason. It has become a status object. Especially teens and twenty-somethings sit on the all-rounders and demonstrate their latest equipment, latest apps, and the latest accessories. As the distinguishing character of the smart phones of various manufacturers is always low, but the urge of users unchanged for individuality and specificity, a lot of people, their iPhone, Samsung, or Sony put aufzupimpen and as personal as possible. Where creativity is needed and the one or other euro can be earned, the offers are not far. Some are still a good value. Hardcovers or cell phone covers, for example. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mashable and gain more knowledge.. Anyone who has let his cell phone ever fall and had to hear that unmistakable sound of a breaking display glass at impact is located behind has must tolerate questions, why he has not put his device in a hardcover. In response came mostly because it looks simply stupid. Who gives this response, which must hear a lot on the subject of pimp your phone. Because there is finally not only these dreary art leather covers and plastic single slide. The hottest look, as are United not just bling bling lovers but also the it girl, the musician and the tax officer, with shiny rhinestones Swarovski or unique can be achieve. The advantages and / or back of the covers and shells are for applying rhinestones made. Who would have no finished logo, logotype, label or otherwise a common design on its cover, is placed at the heart to try. The Union Jack or the Coca-Cola logo on the cover is quite cool, but who wants to be truly individual who ordered his rhinestones in the Internet, 9417_deu.html among other things here and designed something that it on the world a second time returns. The Smartphone it’s not only on the intrinsic values, but also the appearance. Nevertheless is the buzzword in the global networking world remain, but please with style.

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APE Port

September 4th, 2015

You can connect additional communication devices additional headsets, handset, second handset or with cutting edge facilities to a fixed network telephone device with APE’s new series of service – and service centre GmbH for communication systems Leipzig on your phone. The application range is due to the necessity for a simultaneous and equal information link in a team or work group. The external adapter of the APE series will be between the phone handset installed and offer an appreciation of telephone comfort, areas of use and the value of the device by its functionality. Through an integrated in the adapters and intelligent automatic telephone port extension you can up to five different external audio devices next to the handset, such as headset, handset, second handset or with cutting facilities on the output ports of the APE adapter to only a telephone device operate. The sound level can from the outside via a Total control be adjusted centrally and for each port individually. The microphone levels are set in the device. A flat construction allows use as a sub console on the desktop or in the classic lower bench. An LED display continually displays the current operating status.

In addition the ports on a space-saving remote connection box can be fed individually work. The APE system provides summary following features:-automatic telephone port extension for connecting additional headsets, handset, second with cutting device etc. – integrated microphone and headphone amplifier. -Custom and Central setting the receiver volume for handset and external ports via controls possible. -Up to five port amplifiers for headphones and microphone. -Stress free and decoupled signal processing for listening and speaking. -LED operation indicator light. -Independent from the telephone device model. -The microphones on the Can be disabled if necessary via built-in jumpers in the remote connection port connections. For more product information, as well as compatible headsets can be obtained at the following link: command and control centers/index.html



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