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September 17th, 2015

Interrogare trend study 2012: market researchers are investigating behavior of multi-device – innovators / use of Tablet, Smartphone and classic PC for the first time the increased use of mobile devices along with a clear establishment of app usage increasingly divided the Internet into individual access worlds and further promotes the digital fragmentation. This is a core result of the Interrogare trend study 2012 to the use of digital media in the age of tablets, smartphones and apps, which illuminates the use of preferences with digital pioneers. The research company Interrogare questioned the rapidly growing group of multi-device – innovators, who have both a Tablet and Smartphone, as well as a classic PC do this for the first time.Detailed study results and resulting implications for the digital economy under available as a free download. The trend is clear: tablets and Smartphones dominate private device use with 70 percent usage share, and downgrade the desktop PC or laptop to the working unit. While the Smartphone as a digital communication centre is closed throughout the day, the Tablet is becoming the preferred private entertainment and Internet media.

Multi device innovators access situational influences and at the end of time and space independent from different devices on preferred services and content. This trend target group opens up new insights, the digital economy to the digital challenges ahead to be prepared, “so Daniel Rieber, Director digital research at Interrogare and responsible for the implementation of the study. The Tablet is the favored private entertainment instrument already two years after the launch of the iPad tablet at the tested multi-device innovators has become the favored instrument of private entertainment. It advances according to survey participants more and more in the food point”of users. At home, the Tablet under multi-device innovators is used most: 96 percent of respondents use it for browsing and research, 93 percent for emails read and write, 87 percent of the consumption of digital media services, 82 percent for video clips and 75 percent for online shopping.


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