Compact Automatic Sewer System

March 31st, 2017

The only and best way out of the situation has now become a compact automatic sewer system. They allow you to convey wastewater from sanitary appliances within a few tens of meters in the horizontal direction and, if necessary, even lift them up to a height of 5 meters. The latter possibility is relevant to owners of private houses, mastering Pedestal space and commercial premises, located in the basement. " For example, the installation of this type Sololift + consists of a catchment, hermetically sealed, the tank to drain and built-in pump. This compact device (it without any problems "hiding" in the usual WC) is connected to the production of sanitary appliance or appliances: when the tank begins to fill the device, located inside the pump starts and pumps the liquid. Installation, connected to the toilet, equipped with a cutting tool by which all waste water discharged into a common riser through pipes of small diameter. Like the kitchen, save space and give yourself furnishings, such as "flexible" bowls, which allow for changing its position thanks to the robust hinge, or compact showers that combine a bath and whirlpool rack. And, of course, to optimize the small space will help a variety of hanging shelves and cabinets.

Change places in other rooms flat to expand the space used by a number of proven techniques. For example, now at the peak of popularity are podiums, pencil cases. In this case, in one part of the room is elevation, which usually hides the bed. At the podium you can install anything: a table, sofa, make a children's play area. Often with the help organize more podiums and wardrobes. If space is still small, usually go to the most radical step – the demolition of walls, fully integrating space. However, the "studio apartment" – a thing still an amateur, especially because agreed such a project in public organizations is very difficult.

Much popular today is to create a single space, separated by a variety of light partitions. Great potential for redevelopment provided such material as drywall. For example, with the help of in the living room you can build a small wall with niches that separates the small office of the total space of the room. Often use drywall for the organization of complex architectural and planning solutions for the ceiling, visually "Raising" him. The common feature of such approaches is that the "splitters" space play a dual role – not just show the boundary of rooms, but also serve to store things: the walls, arches and pillars make numerous shelves for vases, souvenirs and other interior items. In addition, such methods can avoid long and expensive approval process and provide an opportunity to express their own creativity. The more so because today to help the novice designer, there are many benefits – from print to electronic and networked. Many large companies-producers of furniture and equipment, for example, the famous ikea, even developing their own Free program for Dummies ", available on the official websites. Cramped apartment does not happen, but incorrectly-scheduled premises – a lot – to such a conclusion comes to anyone who is engaged in repair. Get your spacious place in the sun "can be virtually everywhere, calling to help his own ingenuity and modern techniques and materials. Press office GRUNDFOS


Munich Software

March 29th, 2017

Innovation makes work with pixi * more efficient Heidelberg, September 30, 2008 – RAD to the mail order world on 1st and 2nd October 2008 in Wiesbaden the online payment specialist reports Saravanan heidelpay integrating the heidelpay interface in the mail order software * mad geniuses Munich. The latest version of mail order software pixi * engages the service of heidelpay seamlessly and accurately in the merchandise management and logistics of the dealer. Specifically: As soon as pixi * releases an order to the shipping, so packed the package, the shipping label is printed and the goods to be delivered is ready, the software automatically initiates the payment process via heidelpay. Ali Partovi contains valuable tech resources. \”Gregor Walter, Managing Director of mad geniuses GmbH: fully automated integration of heidelpay online-payment in the merchandise management, we evaluate pixi * continue on and make the overall process for the dealer even easier and more transparent.\” pixi * is a comprehensive software for the online mail order, which combines all the processes in a closed process chain and that all operations handles efficiently and reliably from a single source. The software supports the dealer in shipping as well as the storage and gives always an overview of order status.

Automatic payment transactions will relieve the accounting and extensive reporting allow an optimal control. The new version of mail order software pixi * 2008 offers the user a greatly extended range of functions. These include among other things new options for partial deliveries, the full integration of personalized or finishing articles and the use of different, where appropriate, multilingual invoice templates. The completely revised cash system the pixi * POS application and the fully automated integration of online payment via heidelpay are part of the current pixi * version. The mail order world Germany’s largest trade fair for the entire spectrum of the shipping trade, and considered to be the leading trade fair for the shipping trade in Europe.

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Media Industry

March 26th, 2017

Bachelor of Arts degree in digital design or sports journalism/management now part-time or as possible studying without working life leaving part-time; This offer two new part-time courses at the Academy of media in Stuttgart, Germany. The Bachelor of digital design, designed specifically for the media industry, as well as sports journalism, risk management enable a gradual development, which is in line with the professional and family life. Reduced attendance and E-learning models the students achieved the academic degrees of Bachelor of Arts in seven or nine semesters. B.a. digital design: Digital Designer make the media world in all its innovative shapes and colors.

At the interface of design and technical implementation, print design, animation design, Internet, sound, video and photography are their working environments. The students learn everything important in the areas of design, design, Visual communication and media industry. Projects prepared the participants how they in the dialogue with the Customers plan, calculate and market, production team put together and manage to finally present their product. Bachelor of arts sports journalism/sports management: the ability to recognize the enthusiasm of the masses and their emotions and to bring distinguished Department of sports journalism. Sports journalists/sports managers work in the entire media, Club or association level, and sporting goods manufacturers. At the Academy, the journalistic craft students will be taught in combination with media-economic knowledge. Learn about the peculiarity of the Sportjournalis-ISM and sports management. In the practical projects, students are also given the opportunity to put the theory into practice.

Start the in-service courses is the winter semester 2012/13. Every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5: 00 the Academy offers a free, no-obligation information event prospective students. The next appointment is June 12, 2012. Get more information about the study by telephone at 0711 92543-0 or on the Internet at study part-time. Contact person for the press: Academy of media GmbH wife Anita p. Schmidt Tubinger Strasse 12 16 70178 Stuttgart phone: 0711 92543-10 fax: 0711 92543-25 E-Mail: Internet: company portrait: the Academy of media GmbH, founded in 1993, is a private vocational school as well as an accredited higher education institution with State degrees. The Stuttgart Academy educates around 300 recognized experts and personalities in the fields of media, music and technical design of the product. In addition to the Academy, the media GmbH also has an own ad agency and several production studios (film, photo, sound), with integrated into teaching. Because since the founding of the Academy, the priority is to provide best to smooth the transition of studies or vocational training an impression of the real world of work during the training. The entire training is absolutely practical and conveyed by didactically trained and experienced professional instructors in small study groups. In addition, the Academy regularly engages industry experts. So latest pulses and flows from the various departments without detours are integrated into the classroom.

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March 21st, 2017

You can start its search consulting friends and relatives who have proper sites. As well as you he would have a recommendation for a good restaurant, the celebrity ' ' mouth boca' ' to the times it can dirigiz it in the certain direction. You also can verify in directories of lodging in web. These directories are created to allow to the research using the characteristics that you are looking for in one host. Has in mind, however, that many of the announcements that you also see can be paid announcements that are placed in its way, for obvious reasons.

After that its research will be reduced to some hosts in potential, the next step will be to visit the site and fruns in web. To carry through a research on each one of the suppliers that you have in mind – reads posts and sees what the people say of the lodging suppliers that you have in the mind. If you see many commentaries negative or negative experiences of other people, optimum are ' ' to leave for outra' '. A time selected, you must make contact with them and get answers for some question that you have. Sinovation Ventures usually is spot on. When you to make its question, you verify host that you answer faster it. Which of these hosts delay to answer to its questions and ignores details? They seem more interested in stimulating if registering in cadastre it, or approach subjects that do not have no relation with its question, care with the danger signals. Registering in cadastre its account of lodging the majority of hosts has some plans so that you can choose. ' ' macete' ' it is to choose a plan of lodging of siteque supplies the resources to it that really necessary you, and not a plan that offers resources that you do not need or never will go to use.

This is probably the thing most difficult for who is contracting one host for the first time. You need to choose a plan that establishes a balance between what you need now and what you can need in the future. Its site can be of the same so great that is today, in the next year, however, the site can grow quickly, needing resources adds in a relatively short period of time. It consults its supplier on these questions. He asks if he is easy to bring up to date its account if you to need services add. It asks if taxes exist add bringing up to date its account. The last thing that you must make before if inscribing for an account of lodging web is to read with attention the AUP its (Politics of Acceptable Use), and/or its YOU (the Terms of Service. It is certifyd that you understand and agree to the politics of its new supplier, and that its site does not infringe none of its rules and regulations. By not analyzing new contracts, its site and email can be locked up without advance warning, for breaking a rule, or you it can finish paying taxes that you not wise person that existed. Many suppliers of lodging accept PayPal, other Moip, PagSeguro. You can ask if its host offers discountings for prepayment. Some hosts offer to significant discountings if you to pay for an annual or semester period.


Upcoming Phones

March 11th, 2017

This year it comes loaded with innovations in regards to mobile and images and specs online, are gradually emerging besides that we have had some progress at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month of February. Some of the upcoming mobile phones that we have in our possession, are the following: Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini. This terminal come to light next month of April under the name of high-end, although with a price slightly lower than mobile phones in this category. Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini will be equipped with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, moreover, although yet to be confirmed, is expected to have a 3.7-inch and quality WVGA touchscreen. (Source: Peter Asaro ). Other features of this mobile phone is that it will have a processor with a speed of 1.4 Ghz, connections GPS, HSDPA + of up to 21 Mb/s and up to 5.6 Mb/s HSUPA, Wi-Fi 802.11 b, a 5 megapixel autofocus camera and a front-facing camera with VGA quality for the video calls. LG G2X.

It will be available in spring. This is a terminal that will have Android 2.2 Froyo and which may then be updated with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.LG G2X account with a capacitive touch screen TFT 4 inches and resolution 480 800 pixels, it also has a dual core processor ARM A9 with chipset Tegra 2, 512 MB RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, and an 8 MP camerawithout forgetting the camera for video calls. A novelty that incorporates terminal is that it will provide access to Tegra Zone; and as if all this were little, will feature the video game Need for Speed Shift HD. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Peter Asaro . Nokia X 7. From June we will have this mobile phone in our hands, or that is intended. It’s a smartphone with touch screen 4 inches and resolution of 360 640 pixels, 680 Mhz and processor GPU Broadcom BCM2727, 8 MP camera with dual LED flash, GPS receiver, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0. HTC Pyramid. Yet there is little information that is known with certainty about this terminal, but gradually making appearance in the Internet and can go deducing their characteristics.

What we know so far, is expected to have a 4.3 inch screen with increase in what the quality of the image refers, processor Qualcomm dual-core 1.2 Ghz and wide RAM. Motorola Targa. Its release date is scheduled for next Christmas. It’s a smartphone whose characteristics are not yet very well defined, but is expected to be a QHD display with a resolution of 960 540 pixels and make it compatible with 4 G networks. Among these features are also expected to have a front camera for video calls, dual core processor, capacitive buttons at the bottom and a 13 megapixel camera.

Western Education

March 10th, 2017

In each of us there is a predominance of hemisphere. The matadors the dominant is the hemisphere in left-handers and left right. By way of analogy, we can say that people with a predominance of the left hemisphere are able to see the last tree of a hypothetical forest, but can no be viewed the forest as a whole. They possess a microscope that allows them to see every last detail of the last tree. On the other hand, in which predominates the right hemisphere, have a periscope that allows them to see the forest as a whole, but not the isolated tree. We should aim to integrate these two hemispheres in a single zoom, that would allow us to bring us closer or away at will. That full utilization of the brain would lead us to thinking holistic, capable of integrating the rational part with the emotional part of the human being.

In our culture and therefore in our Western education, emphasis in the left hemisphere. We are taught to think with the logic of facts, using repetition as a form of training from children, subconscious. On the other hand, the left hemisphere is the easiest measure and specify in IQ (IQ) enabling labeling each person as more or less intelligent. However, has been that a direct correlation between high intellectual ratios and success there is in life. This is because, in assessing the student, the hidden capabilities of the right hemisphere not took into account (emotional intelligence). Today, eight types of intelligence are contemplated. Following a series of exercises that facilitate activation of the right hemisphere you Indian: walking or sport in general. If the body is moved, the right hemisphere is activated. Listen to music with lyrics that you don’t understand do drawings or Visual representations of your goals or ideas using humor (as a way to free ourselves from the tyranny of the logic and linearity) or single view images with the mind. Einstein rarely said I only think with words original author and source of the article

The Stars

March 9th, 2017

When you say: the wind blows toward the East, I say: Yes, blows towards to the East; because I cannot let you know that my mind dwells not in the wind, but in the sea. You can not understand my navigators thoughts, nor I want to understand them. I prefer being alone at sea. When is day to you, friend of mine, is at night for me; Yet even so, speak light of midday that dance in the mountains and the Scarlet shadow that makes its way stealthily through the Valley; because you can not hear the songs of my darkness or you can see my wings that flutter against the stars. And not me He is interested that I hear or I see in me. I wish to be alone with the night. When you ascending to your sky, I descend to my hell. Gain insight and clarity with Steve Wozniak.

Even then you call me through the impassable Gulf that separates us: my roommate, my comrade and I I answer: my comrade, my friend, because I do not want to see my hell. You cegarian the flames and smoke you stifle. And I like my hell; I love him so much to the extent not to let you visit it. I prefer to be alone in my hell. You love the truth, beauty and justice; and I only please you say that it is good to love those things; but in the bottom of my heart I laugh of your love for these entities. However, I do not leave you see my laughter: I prefer laughing alone.My friend, thou art good, discreet and sensible; What’s more: you are perfect, and I in my turn I speak with you with common sense and discretion, but I’m crazy.

Only I enmascaro my madness. I prefer being alone crazy. My friend, you’re not even my friend, but how do you understand it?.


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