Computer Scientist

April 15th, 2017

The computer scientist heard of always will be sought to the professions in the future. A retraining or a distance learning course on professional success opportunities. Times of constantly increasing Internet and its resulting new capabilities is increasing the demand for qualified personnel of in particular the computer scientist. In addition to speeding application development, and the constant growth of the eCommerce industry, more and more companies rely on computer and the resulting media functions. There is hardly a company where the employees still with the typewriter or the pieces of paper and the pen works.

Computers have abolished these old equipment, they are a faster and above all also universal can be used. But in places where there are computers, there are also networks, these must be gefelgt again and waited. New systems must be integrated and applications need to be adapted for the needs of the employees. To cope with these tasks is a good computer scientist system integration or application development in a company hardly to imagine. But also network technicians or programming in business are required. IT has not reached your capacity long industry and the continuous development of the hardware, the Internet and also the software can expect long time no end to the growth of this industry. Alone through the Internet have evolved in the last years new occupational groups or have boomed. As an example, the occupations of the online editor, media designer, database developer, WEB programmer are there and many more to.

The result of this constantly growing market, employees and professionals are looking for. Especially free educational institution funded by the Agency for work and remote schools have recognised this trend. So does anyone who is interested in for the IT industry to educate themselves to the opportunity or to allow schools to. Especially for workers the option of remote schools is new very interesting, because you have the option besides the profession to make further and thereby career objectives and opportunities can perceive. The information portal for remote schools deals with the ways to complete an education and training about remote schools. Especially the information portal informs you about the individual remote schools and their courses, including the IT and computer science courses, also about appropriate funding opportunities a course discusses on this portal. A correspondence course is interesting especially for workers because they are in addition to the profession of making further, this must sit out any performance or time pressure. The remote students has opposite, for example an evening student, that opportunity to decide how much and how quickly he wants to learn. Information about the computer science courses, see direct the computer science distance learning courses.

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Media Industry

March 26th, 2017

Bachelor of Arts degree in digital design or sports journalism/management now part-time or as possible studying without working life leaving part-time; This offer two new part-time courses at the Academy of media in Stuttgart, Germany. The Bachelor of digital design, designed specifically for the media industry, as well as sports journalism, risk management enable a gradual development, which is in line with the professional and family life. Reduced attendance and E-learning models the students achieved the academic degrees of Bachelor of Arts in seven or nine semesters. B.a. digital design: Digital Designer make the media world in all its innovative shapes and colors.

At the interface of design and technical implementation, print design, animation design, Internet, sound, video and photography are their working environments. The students learn everything important in the areas of design, design, Visual communication and media industry. Projects prepared the participants how they in the dialogue with the Customers plan, calculate and market, production team put together and manage to finally present their product. Bachelor of arts sports journalism/sports management: the ability to recognize the enthusiasm of the masses and their emotions and to bring distinguished Department of sports journalism. Sports journalists/sports managers work in the entire media, Club or association level, and sporting goods manufacturers. At the Academy, the journalistic craft students will be taught in combination with media-economic knowledge. Learn about the peculiarity of the Sportjournalis-ISM and sports management. In the practical projects, students are also given the opportunity to put the theory into practice.

Start the in-service courses is the winter semester 2012/13. Every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5: 00 the Academy offers a free, no-obligation information event prospective students. The next appointment is June 12, 2012. Get more information about the study by telephone at 0711 92543-0 or on the Internet at study part-time. Contact person for the press: Academy of media GmbH wife Anita p. Schmidt Tubinger Strasse 12 16 70178 Stuttgart phone: 0711 92543-10 fax: 0711 92543-25 E-Mail: Internet: company portrait: the Academy of media GmbH, founded in 1993, is a private vocational school as well as an accredited higher education institution with State degrees. The Stuttgart Academy educates around 300 recognized experts and personalities in the fields of media, music and technical design of the product. In addition to the Academy, the media GmbH also has an own ad agency and several production studios (film, photo, sound), with integrated into teaching. Because since the founding of the Academy, the priority is to provide best to smooth the transition of studies or vocational training an impression of the real world of work during the training. The entire training is absolutely practical and conveyed by didactically trained and experienced professional instructors in small study groups. In addition, the Academy regularly engages industry experts. So latest pulses and flows from the various departments without detours are integrated into the classroom.

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