Compact Automatic Sewer System

March 31st, 2017

The only and best way out of the situation has now become a compact automatic sewer system. They allow you to convey wastewater from sanitary appliances within a few tens of meters in the horizontal direction and, if necessary, even lift them up to a height of 5 meters. The latter possibility is relevant to owners of private houses, mastering Pedestal space and commercial premises, located in the basement. " For example, the installation of this type Sololift + consists of a catchment, hermetically sealed, the tank to drain and built-in pump. This compact device (it without any problems "hiding" in the usual WC) is connected to the production of sanitary appliance or appliances: when the tank begins to fill the device, located inside the pump starts and pumps the liquid. Installation, connected to the toilet, equipped with a cutting tool by which all waste water discharged into a common riser through pipes of small diameter. Like the kitchen, save space and give yourself furnishings, such as "flexible" bowls, which allow for changing its position thanks to the robust hinge, or compact showers that combine a bath and whirlpool rack. And, of course, to optimize the small space will help a variety of hanging shelves and cabinets.

Change places in other rooms flat to expand the space used by a number of proven techniques. For example, now at the peak of popularity are podiums, pencil cases. In this case, in one part of the room is elevation, which usually hides the bed. At the podium you can install anything: a table, sofa, make a children's play area. Often with the help organize more podiums and wardrobes. If space is still small, usually go to the most radical step – the demolition of walls, fully integrating space. However, the "studio apartment" – a thing still an amateur, especially because agreed such a project in public organizations is very difficult.

Much popular today is to create a single space, separated by a variety of light partitions. Great potential for redevelopment provided such material as drywall. For example, with the help of in the living room you can build a small wall with niches that separates the small office of the total space of the room. Often use drywall for the organization of complex architectural and planning solutions for the ceiling, visually "Raising" him. The common feature of such approaches is that the "splitters" space play a dual role – not just show the boundary of rooms, but also serve to store things: the walls, arches and pillars make numerous shelves for vases, souvenirs and other interior items. In addition, such methods can avoid long and expensive approval process and provide an opportunity to express their own creativity. The more so because today to help the novice designer, there are many benefits – from print to electronic and networked. Many large companies-producers of furniture and equipment, for example, the famous ikea, even developing their own Free program for Dummies ", available on the official websites. Cramped apartment does not happen, but incorrectly-scheduled premises – a lot – to such a conclusion comes to anyone who is engaged in repair. Get your spacious place in the sun "can be virtually everywhere, calling to help his own ingenuity and modern techniques and materials. Press office GRUNDFOS


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