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August 31st, 2014

Less than 20 years ago, mobile phone was considered a luxury rather than a means of communication. Few people have remembered about the cherished 5 seconds, for which I had time to inform the other party all relevant information. 5 seconds were free, and more long talks could significantly cut the budget of the owner of fashionable novelty, the more that is required and a monthly fee. It is now forgotten at home cell phone makes them feel uncomfortable during all-day meeting with a friend appointed "about this place and this time around, and then call each other", and the absence of a human cell phone calls from the surrounding confusion. In the fight for customers' mobile operators Almost every day, cut prices, offer their subscribers with new bonuses and thereby make the mobile communication more affordable to the masses, however, until the case comes to international calls. For those who regularly performs international calls, the astronomical prices of the operators will not be a surprise, but many are faced with this problem after the fact. People have long otvykshie carefully calculate their mobile communication expenses suddenly decide call your overseas friend or relative, and not figuring out rates of the operator, dial the number you want and make an international call.

And then after a few minutes of conversation and communication is cut off from people perplexity on the phone detects a zero balance, or after a pleasant conversation mood deteriorates significantly in the deep care less (if the subscriber is provided at the rate of credit). Do not even know what's worse … Many then forswear call abroad from your mobile phone, start to buy special cards, master Skype. This is really a good way out, but only if the international calls for you to boil down to a rare communicate with friends. Someone picks up a new mobile operator, which promises affordable rates. It can also be an option, especially if you want the connection to one of the country.

Typically, cellular operators offer tariffs with cheap international calls from any one direction. For example, Russia circulated a proposal to cheap international calls to CIS countries, in Ukraine, you can buy with prices quite reasonable prices calls to Russia. And if you have to regularly call in different countries? If high-quality and inexpensive international calls do you need to work around the clock? You do not always have the option of using Skype, or at least landlines. The original solution to your problem – an application for a mobile phone Freeje. Freeje – it's international calls from your mobile phone tariffs, bypassing the mobile operators. Free download application for International calls can be Freeje site you need to register in My Account to receive an SMS with a link and save it on the phone. Cope with the installation can even the most inexperienced user. Thereafter will only add to your balance and use the most advantageous tariffs for international calls. Freeje application works on the basis of technology callback, so the mobile operator said the call as an incoming (free). All very simple: you send a request to call the number you want, and then take an incoming call on your mobile. The connection is due to digital telephony, international calls are so cost you a few times cheaper than usual rates of cellular or fixed operators. Cheap international calls from your mobile phone is becoming a reality. Freeje – a modern and easy solution for international telephony.

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Expensive Mobile Phones

August 18th, 2014

Mobile phones have long been transformed from a purely utilitarian things to the status symbol. If 15 years ago, was a sign of prestige tube itself, it is now the owner of the well-being better than any words spoken machines, whose cost comparable to the cost of foreign cars business class, or Moscow apartment. Cell phones luxury appeared on the market relatively recently in 2002, the company was founded Vertum, owned by the Finnish concern. This first worldwide firm that specializes in the manufacture of jewelry mobile communications. In 2003, she has a competitor, the Swiss GoldVish. In Russia, the tube for millionaires have come quickly, there is a demand. Dear serial phones cost between thousands of euros, a mobile exclusive from four thousand. That's how much will have to pay for the device, made of stainless steel, 18 carat yellow gold, sapphires.

Trim such phones, calf skin, which stilizovanna under the skin of rare exotic animals. The most expensive phone, it is worth more than 1 million euros. Designed by renowned authors develop, the skin is sewed by hand, the master adjusts the stones, and inserts them into the machine. However, some professionals, convinced that an exclusive phone, it's just expensive thing, but not as not a masterpiece. Indeed, the expensive mobile phone – it is primarily expensive shell, filling the road cell phone is exactly the same as that of the cheap counterparts. One but with time, anyone, even the most expensive mobile phone morally obsolete, and to the owner of the exclusive gets a choice: either he leaves the phone itself and continues to use it, or spend a fortune to buy one more expensive unit, or move to cheaper and more modern. But manufacturers, struggling to emphasize the exclusivity of their phones. Limited edition, individually number, engraved name owner. Despite all of this expensive machines break down, as well as usual. According to the ceo of a company engaged in sale of luxury phones in our country, this market will be only grow, now at our share, accounted for half of sales worldwide.


Television On The Internet

August 4th, 2014

Currently there are several ways of watching TV, either by over-the-air, cable, satellite or Internet, in this article we are going to focus on the Internet in Japan TV. A form of internet television, is by Video Streaming sending video from somewhere in internet, usually a web site (Web site). Video Streaming technology and the high bandwidth of the internet that many have the country, make it possible to view videos online of considerable quality and in the normal way without interruptions. This technology is very little applicable in countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and among others, which have poor bandwidth. Currently there are several providers of television by internet in Spanish, some with good quality of transmission, and others do not. This depends on the quality of the videos, with that bandwidth are serving their users, the amount of resources that have their computers and the amount of users that access to the videos.

If you are not sure which in its computer you can see well the television by internet, you can order a test user providers or enter the web page and search for test option. We recommend while watching TV over the internet, have no other open programs that makes the viewing of the video is slower. Also perform maintenance of temporary disposal once a month, or when the computer is slow. The minimum requirements to be able to watch television over the internet are:-CPU Pentium III 800 Mhz. – memory ram 256 Mb. – internet line: ADSL, cable or fiber optic with a de1.5 Mbps. bandwidth – Software: Windows Media Player Version 8.

New computers that are sold in the market currently exceed these features, why shouldn’t have problems to view Internet TV. Mr. Yuri Suarez Nakasone.


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