Get Out Of The Workshop Into The Adventure!

November 28th, 2019

Adventure camp in the French Jura enthusiastic trainees of CJD youth village Offenburg, Germany for a short time had to work in the workshops of the Offenburger youth village rest: at the adventure camp in Rennes-sur-Loue, a commune in the French Department of Jura, trainees had the opportunity to test their individual possibilities and limitations in these days. If you would like to know more about Viacom, then click here. In addition to the important experience from physical as mental strain, the young people were able to develop team spirit and sense of responsibility. In addition, a better understanding for health-conscious living and meaningful, even prepared food was awakened. The youth village group, in this case a total camp independently on the gas burner the food to prepare 77 trainees and trainers from the wood and color technology, had careers, up to fight against vertical rock, Wade through gorges and explore caves. On boat trips, swimming and rescue attempts in the Loue and canyoning highest concentration and teamwork were needed. Gain insight and clarity with koch brothers.

The annual camps are an important part of the sports and health educational work in the CJD and serve a holistic personality development of young people. Again, this is a new challenge for participants and staff of the various training groups that often go to their personal limits in this camp: because in the foreground are limits and overcoming of fears meet the own. Fun and joy in the movement as well as understanding and knowledge of full and meaningful nutrition resulting from these experiences. Also improve team building and the ability to cope with conflicts. Young people take responsibility, are bolder, more confident and grow beyond in their performance willingness about themselves. In addition to the professional education young people are thus optimally prepared about experiential education work on the demands of their future professional life.

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Internet Agency Lowenstark

March 10th, 2019

Chinese Xiang Shi studied at Hochschule Anhalt-Kothen-Halle, Braunschweig, 13.06.2013: the Internet Agency Lowenstark of Germany fellowship supports an IT student from China. Xiang Shi Kothen Anhalt studied software localization in the master’s program at the College. Xiang Shi Germany grant is half of Lowenstark and the Saxony-Anhalt funded. The 26-year-old comes from the province of Henan in the People’s Republic of China. She had first studied at the University Henan German, economics and mathematics. Since 2007, she studied at the Hochschule Anhalt.

On the Bachelor, she joined a master’s degree. In their area of specialisation software localization, Xiang Shi deals among other things with text translation, technical writing and the design of graphical user interfaces and multimedia applications. We have awarded the scholarship, because we could not work as an Internet agency without highly qualified professionals in the areas of online marketing and Web development”, says Marian Wurm, a the two managing directors of Lowenstark. In our special areas such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing or social media marketing, the knowledge developed extremely quickly. We need highly trained specialists.” In Kothen, the 50 best students receive a scholarship. The award of scholarships represents a tremendous motivation for students and for the attractiveness of the University of vital importance”, the President of the college emphasizes Anhalt, Prof. Dr.

Dieter Orzessek. The cooperation with the Hochschule Anhalt based on personal contacts. Several employees of the Lowenstark are graduates of the University. Lowenstark was founded in 2001 in Braunschweig. 2012, additional locations were opened in Halle / S., Solingen and Kiel. The Agency employs over 80 people. Since 2001 over 2,000 customer projects have been realized three quarters in the online marketing of and a quarter in the shop and Web programming.

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GmbH Corinna Schulze

November 5th, 2017

Big engagement of the BFW Leipzig on the World Championships of the professions in Leipzig at the booth of the IHK Leipzig imagines the vocational promotion plant Leipzig (BFW Leipzig) with an own information and hands-on booth at the WorldSkills Leipzig 2013. The training of the technical product designer is at the heart of the presentation on the professional world championship. Extra for the time of the WorldSkills, the 3D was implemented and rebuilt at the trade fair at the Chamber of Commerce in the Samsung arena/Messe Hall 1 booth. The printer will produce samples during the period of the professional world championship. In addition, visitors to invite technical product designer live on a CAD workstation ready to make their own 3D elements.

The guests can win an impression of this technical vocational training. With this representation of the profession we want to promote the profession of technical product designer”, explains Corinna Schulze, responsible for the marketing of the BFW Leipzig, the commitment of the education to the WorldSkills. To her knowledge, the professional situation has shifted in recent years. The new profession of technical product designer, as follow-up professional of technical draughtsman with a higher qualification, is particularly interesting for companies. You implement design specifications by engineers or designers and consider it equally functional, creative and aesthetic and economic demands. During the two-year training therefore in learning the computer-aided design and design, calculation and simulation, as well as project management focuses on the BFW Leipzig. We think that we will give a practical insight into a very interesting and promising career with our offer,”said Corinna Schulze stressed. More information and pictures: professional promotion factory Leipzig gemeinnutzige GmbH Corinna Schulze marketing Public relations Georg-Schumann-Strasse 148 04159 Leipzig Tel.: 0341 9175306 Fax: 0341 9175104 E-Mail: Internet:

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Switzerland Education

May 22nd, 2017

The international network of media schools from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland Education in the field of media changed constantly, unless due to the rising influence of new media, unless by the falling borders in Europe. In such an environment a media training offered, which offers students a wide range of training with numerous opportunities for specialisation across national borders, their strengths can focus on. The newly launched, international media training Verbund covers exactly these needs, provided on the education and training in the field of media in the future. The Federation is composed of the media School of Northwest Switzerland, the media School of Bern, the newly founded CrossMedia school Switzerland, the journalism school CLARE Berlin, as well as the Upper Austrian journalist Academy in Wels. Ways of training and seminars together leads this education system through various courses and training that combines cross-border and through Internship applications can be added in the respective countries. Who is interested in a comprehensive media training, training for example the journalistic reason at the media School of Northwest Switzerland, the journalism school KLARA Berlin or the Upper Austrian journalist Academy and within the framework of a professional training at the media School of Bern in the areas of video journalism, press photography, and moderation or the CrossMedia specialize then school Switzerland in the cross media discipline. Then offered additional postgraduate courses in the partner schools. Further possibility to demonstrate a hands-on technical training at the media School of Bern and the CrossMedia school Switzerland with selected courses for the journalistic education in the media School of North-Western Switzerland, as well as subsequent to diploma courses in the partner schools.

Thanks to the modular construction, all courses of the can be visited separately. Diploma theses and mentoring system primary, specialist – and post diploma courses at the complete with a joint degree. In addition, diploma theses as performance can be created at the media School of North-Western Switzerland and the media School of Bern. A mentoring system, as well as regular media excursions complete the offer.

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Media Industry

March 26th, 2017

Bachelor of Arts degree in digital design or sports journalism/management now part-time or as possible studying without working life leaving part-time; This offer two new part-time courses at the Academy of media in Stuttgart, Germany. The Bachelor of digital design, designed specifically for the media industry, as well as sports journalism, risk management enable a gradual development, which is in line with the professional and family life. Reduced attendance and E-learning models the students achieved the academic degrees of Bachelor of Arts in seven or nine semesters. B.a. digital design: Digital Designer make the media world in all its innovative shapes and colors.

At the interface of design and technical implementation, print design, animation design, Internet, sound, video and photography are their working environments. The students learn everything important in the areas of design, design, Visual communication and media industry. Projects prepared the participants how they in the dialogue with the Customers plan, calculate and market, production team put together and manage to finally present their product. Bachelor of arts sports journalism/sports management: the ability to recognize the enthusiasm of the masses and their emotions and to bring distinguished Department of sports journalism. Sports journalists/sports managers work in the entire media, Club or association level, and sporting goods manufacturers. At the Academy, the journalistic craft students will be taught in combination with media-economic knowledge. Learn about the peculiarity of the Sportjournalis-ISM and sports management. In the practical projects, students are also given the opportunity to put the theory into practice.

Start the in-service courses is the winter semester 2012/13. Every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5: 00 the Academy offers a free, no-obligation information event prospective students. The next appointment is June 12, 2012. Get more information about the study by telephone at 0711 92543-0 or on the Internet at study part-time. Contact person for the press: Academy of media GmbH wife Anita p. Schmidt Tubinger Strasse 12 16 70178 Stuttgart phone: 0711 92543-10 fax: 0711 92543-25 E-Mail: Internet: company portrait: the Academy of media GmbH, founded in 1993, is a private vocational school as well as an accredited higher education institution with State degrees. The Stuttgart Academy educates around 300 recognized experts and personalities in the fields of media, music and technical design of the product. In addition to the Academy, the media GmbH also has an own ad agency and several production studios (film, photo, sound), with integrated into teaching. Because since the founding of the Academy, the priority is to provide best to smooth the transition of studies or vocational training an impression of the real world of work during the training. The entire training is absolutely practical and conveyed by didactically trained and experienced professional instructors in small study groups. In addition, the Academy regularly engages industry experts. So latest pulses and flows from the various departments without detours are integrated into the classroom.

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