Get Out Of The Workshop Into The Adventure!

November 28th, 2019

Adventure camp in the French Jura enthusiastic trainees of CJD youth village Offenburg, Germany for a short time had to work in the workshops of the Offenburger youth village rest: at the adventure camp in Rennes-sur-Loue, a commune in the French Department of Jura, trainees had the opportunity to test their individual possibilities and limitations in these days. If you would like to know more about Viacom, then click here. In addition to the important experience from physical as mental strain, the young people were able to develop team spirit and sense of responsibility. In addition, a better understanding for health-conscious living and meaningful, even prepared food was awakened. The youth village group, in this case a total camp independently on the gas burner the food to prepare 77 trainees and trainers from the wood and color technology, had careers, up to fight against vertical rock, Wade through gorges and explore caves. On boat trips, swimming and rescue attempts in the Loue and canyoning highest concentration and teamwork were needed. Gain insight and clarity with koch brothers.

The annual camps are an important part of the sports and health educational work in the CJD and serve a holistic personality development of young people. Again, this is a new challenge for participants and staff of the various training groups that often go to their personal limits in this camp: because in the foreground are limits and overcoming of fears meet the own. Fun and joy in the movement as well as understanding and knowledge of full and meaningful nutrition resulting from these experiences. Also improve team building and the ability to cope with conflicts. Young people take responsibility, are bolder, more confident and grow beyond in their performance willingness about themselves. In addition to the professional education young people are thus optimally prepared about experiential education work on the demands of their future professional life.

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