RIOS SV Interface Overhaul And Certified For The ELENA Procedure

October 19th, 2019

The reporting obligation for BBWs and BWFs have met all requirements since last week it officially: the Rio SV interface with easy and convenient can make social security payroll and messages to participants of the vocational rehabilitation, was now also for messages through the procedure of ELENA by the ITSG (information technology service center of the statutory health insurance GmbH) and of the Deutschen Rentenversicherung tested and certified. Background: After long time was unclear, whether a notification through the procedure of ELENA is also for people who receive your initial training in a vocational (BBW) or professional promotion plant (BFW), this is now since the spring. Mikkel Svane may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Halvotec has responded with an extension of its SV interface, covering all requirements of the ELENA method on the BBWs/BFWs. The ELENA messages are transmitted automatically together with the regular SV messages. After testing and certification, this extension from September is all RIOS users to the Available and offers the possibility to make also retroactive messages up to January 1, 2010. In addition to the ELENA extension the entire SV interface has undergone in recent months under the leadership of Ulrich Vogl of an overhaul: the SV messages are now generated using new algorithms, ensure the greatest possible stability and failsafe. Export scores with greater speed and improved error messages.

Several minor enhancements reflect the latest requirements of the social security law. The new SV interface and your features will be presented beginning of September in a workshop at the Halvotec info days. Questions around the Rio SV interface will be woman Neemann happy with available: Ms.

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Seville Council

October 13th, 2019

The Seville Council has launched a new application, which is designed to make it easier to stay in Seville under the name of Feria de Abril, those who visit the fair.The Feria de Abril in your phone this will be held from 24 to 29 of this month. Our hotels in Seville, Monte Triana and Monte Carmelo, are strategically located in the city to enjoy this universal holiday, being this last one the closest hotel in Sevilla at the reciento fair. With this application available for the iPhone platform, Android and Blackberry are may access the location of the different booths and services as well as have access to the information of the bullfighting events that are held at the plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballeria de Sevilla. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ali Partovi. The application also allows to know the history and characteristics of one of the most universal celebrations and have the municipal information on an ongoing basis during the week of the fair, through the section of News, associated with a twitter account, where you realize accomplished on traffic, weather and the most representative events. The fair of April of 2012 will begin Tuesday, May 24 at 00.00 hours on the test of the lighting and ending Sunday 29 at 24.00 hours with the release of fireworks. The April fair application is a free download from the marketplace for applications from each of the platforms..

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Ultimate System Pro Fix

October 10th, 2019

The first time prams Jane appeared on outlets 78 years ago. At that time, for the son of Manuel Jane fashioned the first model. The vehicle for all interested, and later received a master orders from friends and neighbors. Due to this there was a company to this day produced high-quality strollers Jane. To date, we can see many different types of prams Jane: and so on. Another company manufactures and other products. Foreign quality standards have become a priority of the company.

The company counts – prizes in various competitions. 3-wheeled prams Jane are popular worldwide. Prams Jane conveniently transformed with one hand movement. These are the models. Ultimate System Pro Fix allows you to lock on the same chassis different modules, for example, the bassinet or car seat. Such a system vested Pro Fix such a model. The car seat is securely fastened on the chassis of a simple movement. Prams Jane Rocket and Jane Slalom have no heavy gear – less than 6,5 kg.

Maneuvering the wheel can be locked if necessary. Jane prams are more easily among modular forms, in their design used a solid anodized aluminum. And also a very glorified series of "2 in 1", presented prams Jane. They cost the same as other traditional stroller-transformers, and included young mothers get even and comfortable cradle. A cradle mounted on the chassis easily and securely. These strollers provide a wonderful cross, comfort, safety and versatility. Kids Jane Nomad stroller lightest among these models. If you would like to know more about john castle, then click here. These walking models are fairly stable and high traffic, that is, of course, plus on our roads. Such models, as well as model Carrera, assembled and disassembled rather uncomplicated, mothers do not deliver a hassle in taxis. Among the attributes of these models are available. Prams Jane cane comfortable and lightweight enough. Models weigh no more than five kilograms. These models are easily accommodated in the trunk car. If compactness and low weight, these models are endowed by 8 wide inflatable wheels. These strollers are not only practical, but comfortable on the road stroller. Jane

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Permanent Education

October 6th, 2019

Many times are more easy to take a medicine to alliviate a symptom, of what looking for to understand what the organism wants in them to communicate. Another sufficiently positive aspect of the UCIS it is the work with groups, for the possibility to approach the people of the community and to share its experiences. Still the demand, the Project of the UCIS will have been considered, throughout the 03 searched years, presented a considerable increase in the number of carried through procedures, totalizing almost 50.000. It had a gradual increase in this period, being able this to point, with respect to a bigger spreading and adhesion of the population to the proposal of integral cares to the health, representing the discovery of a new form of care. The profile of the user of the studied unit predominantly was formed of women, in the etria band of 40 the 59 years, with familiar income above of 3 minimum wages and having pain as its main complaint. Of the structural point of view, we can consider that the dynamics of functioning of a UCIS, is come close, to the one of a basic unit of health, in what its physical structure says respect, without depending, necessarily, of the access to the technologies. Its low cost of implantation and the attendance capacity, since it prioritizes the work in the groups, can mean a bigger easiness of access in the assistance and promotion of the health.

If to take as example, in an only workshop of automassagem, that lasts around 60 minutes, in it 80 or more people can participate. This if also extends, to the Tai Chi Chuan and the Lian Gong, with about 40 participants for session. Another important ally for Practical dissemination of the Integrativas and Complementares in the SUS, and its consequent referencing to the UCIS, is the Strategy of the Health of the Family who can integrate action of orientation and qualification in PIC, through the Permanent Education and of the provisions of the access to homeopticos and fitoterpicos medicines.



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