RIOS SV Interface Overhaul And Certified For The ELENA Procedure

October 19th, 2019

The reporting obligation for BBWs and BWFs have met all requirements since last week it officially: the Rio SV interface with easy and convenient can make social security payroll and messages to participants of the vocational rehabilitation, was now also for messages through the procedure of ELENA by the ITSG (information technology service center of the statutory health insurance GmbH) and of the Deutschen Rentenversicherung tested and certified. Background: After long time was unclear, whether a notification through the procedure of ELENA is also for people who receive your initial training in a vocational (BBW) or professional promotion plant (BFW), this is now since the spring. Mikkel Svane may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Halvotec has responded with an extension of its SV interface, covering all requirements of the ELENA method on the BBWs/BFWs. A leading source for info: charles koch. The ELENA messages are transmitted automatically together with the regular SV messages. After testing and certification, this extension from September is all RIOS users to the Available and offers the possibility to make also retroactive messages up to January 1, 2010. In addition to the ELENA extension the entire SV interface has undergone in recent months under the leadership of Ulrich Vogl of an overhaul: the SV messages are now generated using new algorithms, ensure the greatest possible stability and failsafe. Export scores with greater speed and improved error messages.

Several minor enhancements reflect the latest requirements of the social security law. The new SV interface and your features will be presented beginning of September in a workshop at the Halvotec info days. Questions around the Rio SV interface will be woman Neemann happy with available: Ms.

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