February 28th, 2018

Body heat damages the cell phone battery! The battery specialist ReplaceDirect recommends men carry your phone in your Pocket! One of the wichtigstenQuellen for this is the fact that their smartphones almost always close to the body with men lead differently than women who keep those almost in bag. The warmth of the body heats up the mobile device in a way that its current capacity decreases are incredibly. In addition, the study found that 1/5 of mobile users are absolutely not satisfied or moderately agree with the current capacity of their smartphones. The number of men to be not satisfied (75%) is much more numerous than the women (a quarter). Still, the study has found that the most mobile phone users store their equipment in pockets (41%).

Another commonly used to store is the pouch (approximately 39Prozent). Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. In third position is the jacket (around 17Prozent). The considerable frustration among men of in power capacity can be is partially so light that they often keep their devices in your pocket. But can the heat levels in your pocket at approximately 37 body heat, so that the batteries become too warm. Akkufachspezialisten long point out that heat is one of the main enemies of batteries is.

Influence of heat this much more likely show signs of wear, which means they lose more energy? Body heat is indeed hot enough to cause the chemical reactions in the battery, which affect the battery bad. In this way, it comes after lower standby times of smartphones. Definitely in that thing has the faint”sex in the store of its devices in bags on a real advantage! But there is another reason, why recommends the male cell phone users to take advantage of a cooler place. Already, previous studies have shown that cell phone radiation can have a negativenEinfluss on the sterility of men? That’s why should mobile mandas Never move the appliance in close to the body. Better in the future, put your Smartphone in the belt or jacket pocket.


Windows Ringtone

January 28th, 2018

Sage no to limiting the length of 30 or 40 seconds all the ringtones in iTunes must be 40 seconds or less. For example, if your ringtone is 60 seconds long, it not recognized by iTunes as a ringtone. (After iTunes sync setting for ringtone all ringtones show up). Is it really impossible to break limitation of length by 40 seconds of the iPhone of ringtone? Of course no. Here is a step by step guide.

It is very easy. Step 1 create a short ring tone to the first you need to make only a short ringing tone and to synchronize with iTunes.Download Bigasoft iPhone Ringtone Maker (for Windows and Mac) free of charge and install the software and then it start. Locate the song in your music library, or in iTunes that you want to convert into a long ringing tone. Put this song into the iPhone Ringtone Maker. Make sure that the ringtone is less than 40 seconds. Disable exporting to iPhone “, enable export to iTunes” and click on Create “.” Step 2 with iTunes sync connect iPhone to your computer.

Open iTunes if iTunes doesn’t automatically open. The iPhone icon in the source pane, select click the ringtone tab and make sure that sync ring tone “is already enabled. Click on the button sync “in iTunes. Step 3 Erstlle a long ringing tone set the start – and Endzet, by dragging the slider control and frees up anywhere you want, and where the length restriction is broken by 40 seconds. Please disable export to iPhone “and also export to iTunes”and click on create”. The ringtone Maker software is create a long ringing tone for you. Step 4 break click on manage “and select the name of the short ring tone and click then on the button replace” the limitation of 40 seconds. Locate the long ringtone created in step 3; the file name is something like just dance (1) “and click Open”. It’s so easy. Step 5 enjoy your iPhone ringtone icon ringtone knock on the sounds icon in the settings menu in your iPhone and then on this”. You can see a list of ringtones available for you, on the the with Bigasoft iPhone Ringtone Maker new created ringtones show up. Enjoy now the ringtone longer than 40 seconds.


Android Windows

November 17th, 2016

App programming, tools, and features for Windows phone 7 smartphones Poing, Munich, 14.06.2011 – is Windows phone 7 apps developing the latest practice book from the know-how is blue “series of Franzis publishing for Web and mobile developers. Here is all about the development of Applikationenfur the new mobile operating system Windows phone of 7 Dr. Frank pan, technical evangelist Windows phone, Microsoft Germany puts it in his foreword to the book to the point: it is () a guide from the practice for the practice. May help it to implement your ideas quickly and creatively and to avoid pitfalls and detours on the way to publish your app (s).” Refreshingly understandable, the author Christian Bleske a concrete practice example describes the career of an app from planning through development, the certification to adjust and finally the marketing in the app hub by Microsoft. Here the author teases his readers with a boring part of the theory at the beginning of the book, but rather explains that It needed programming expertise in the places where in app development also really needed the author is at least a programming language, such as c# or Java knowledge start condition is recommended for programming Windows phone 7 apps. Developers with knowledge around that.NET Framework is working with the smaller Compact Framework something easier than C programmers Java or objective, since she have a with Visual Studio can use them already familiar development environment. Upgraders will get all necessary information about the Microsoft operating system, its structure, the development environments and the c# programming language, the Silverlight framework and Microsoft’s page description language, XAML by iOS, Android & co.

in this book. Developing with Windows phone 7 apps appears a further practice-oriented book by Franzis to develop apps for mobile communications equipment. Thus, the Franzis program covers the development of the major manufacturers of mobile operating systems.


Apple IPhone

October 8th, 2016

…Mehr than just a huge Smartphone with killer camera I would say first of all that I was convinced in all aspects and hitherto a staunch Apple user was actually from my iPhone. Since I am but since the last update (iOS 6) problems like missing places and roads in maps, phone calls tearing off and many other small issues had, I went on the search for a new device and am struck at Nokia Lumia 920. Without anticipating too much, that Lumia is without a doubt an outstanding device. As one the first Windows 8 smartphones captivates the phone a distinctive appearance, which spans the characteristic design of the new Windows operating system. With the release of the Lumia 920 followed the now third attempt to win Nokia’s finally on ground in the world of smartphones. Despite enthusiastic reviews of previous models, which were until now rather harmless attempts of Lumia 900 for a substantial decline in sales, the deal with the release of the new flagship Now you want to recover. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Robotics expert . Design meets technology the Nokia Lumia 920 is in all respects a very great phone.

At least if you keep the Smartphone for the first time in the hand, you will notice, that the 185 g (cf. with iPhone 5: 112 g) but make a significant difference you can never to forget. Although the size and weight are some deterrent in the first moment, a 4.5 inch Gorilla behind glass screen with HD is resolution. Due to the rounded corner and the distinctive look, the Smartphone looks like a high end version of the 900 Lumia and feels great to hold. A camera that is second to none the Nokia Lumia 920 owns a 8.7-mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and is without a doubt one of the best smartphone cameras I’ve ever seen. throughout. The quality of the recordings is reinforced by Nokia’s “PureView” label, which mostly shines in dimly lit environments, where the most installed cameras fail miserably.


Vodafone Mobile

September 17th, 2015

Who is looking after the best possible variant of a telephone tariff, should take into account some few things to find the deal ideal for themselves personally. Just who does not want to commit years of a specific provider, chooses provider typically a prepaid. A real challenge is to find the right mobile phone lines, in the confusing. Numerous vendors pushing regularly with new offerings on the market. A wide range of different tariff options also complicates selection and comparability. Therefore a comparison page, on which you can gain a first overview of all current mobile tariffs proves useful. Here, you can compare the cheapest mobile tariffs, sensibly arranged according to different types of users. An important step is to determine what kind of users they heard.

Infrequent callers rarely use their cell phone and have only very brief telephone conversations. Prepaid offers are particularly useful for them. These offers can Users can just load a specific and this then Talkety without binding himself to a term contract. Who, for example, only 30-60 minutes phone call a month and about 10 text messages writes, pay the correct rate only about 5 euros a month. Before choosing a tariff, users should observe therefore their own behavior and ask yourself: how much I make phone calls? Go the calls in the fixed network or to other mobile networks? I write many SMS? I surf with my phone on the Internet? Based on this data can already easily determine whether rather a contract with many extras and Internet flat in question, or rather a prepaid card that can be loaded on demand. A contract binds the customer for a specific period to a provider. This has advantages: the fare conditions are stable and sometimes cheaper than at the prepaid fare. There are also tools, for example a cheap smartphone at a contract often.

The advantage of the former can be interpreted but also disadvantage: contractual customers benefit from positive Price developments. Also the cost control here proves difficult. Prepaidnutzer can Talkety only credits that they have previously charged. There is also no basic charge. Since it is easier to keep track. A few years ago, the rates in the Prepaidbereich were located higher than when mobile telephony contracts. Meanwhile a change has used however also here: in particular cellular discount tariffs are now at least as favorable as the rates for contract. So costs the network-independent calls at the time at hellomobil and winsim, which both use the network of O2, only 6 cents per minute who decides for McSim, pays just 8 cents per minute in the Vodafone network. Also the tariff provider Congstar, which calculated 9 cents per minute in the T-mobile network is popular. Depending on the provider more credit on the card is partially available, as these costs themselves in the acquisition. Thus every month who noticed these points, can save a lot of money.


Mobile Phone Contract

August 14th, 2015

A laptop despite Schufa entry, how does it work? No longer a rarity nowadays is the different ways to get a negative Schufaeintrag laptop despite Schufa entry. Therefore, there are more and more offerings in the mobile sector, providing a mobile phone contract with a notebook, although a Schufa entry consists. However completely in the right light to make this topic a Schufa entry, what he does and why, the statement “Mobile despite Schufa” or “Phone without Schufa” is not entirely accurate, should be explains how questions, such as what is. There is a common abbreviation for “Protection community for general credit protection”: the Schufa. The e.V. (registered association) was founded in 1927 with headquarters in Wiesbaden.

He is to give companies an information about the payment behaviour of their customers. This initial assessment of the creditworthiness of individuals, use the large network operators T-Mobile, Vodafone, E-Plus and O2. Because there is any general invoices payment behavior and the Zahlunsgfahigkeit Citizen saved. As a result, a Schufaeintrag is usually only then something derogatory, when it previously was not on time bill payments after. Advance dealer or mobile phone shops and contract providers can check this, with whom they engage and prevent thus falling bill payments. Moreover, whether a contract provider enters into a contract with laptop with the new customer or not, also finally decide this payment information. In a mobile phone shop or Handyonlineshop, you’ve found a mobile phone contract with laptop.

It is recorded your personal information, as a second step. After entering your personal data into the calculator has been sending them to the contract provider. This can then check their creditworthiness. To query your data stored at Schufa. All right, there is nothing in the way in and of itself is a contract. If you have but negative anomalies in your previous payments, then the operator as a new client rejects you. The Offers “Laptop with Schufa” or “Laptop without Schufa” come right here in this game. There are now mobile radio dealers who are specialized in customers with lower credit ratings. Just there to offer accordingly including laptop the attractive mobile phone contracts. But that doesn’t mean there necessarily will allow your mobile phone contract. The limit for the approval of all contract providers, which typically different higher, be examined by the mobile phone dealer. Which doesn’t mean, that reject any contract providers. It is not sure, however, that you can get a mobile phone contract includes laptop, however, the opportunities to enlarge. To give you access to the mobile world with laptop, further Special agreements exist also in the meantime. They are referred to as compromise – or contracts of confidence. In such a contract, customers with negative Schufa entry receive a contract with a “trial period”. Over a period of three months can work out the customer, the benevolence of network operators and mobile phone retailers. The prospect of an agreement to switch to notebook including is, if the bill payments are made on time. Then there are still the so-called contract of deposit. This is a treaty which is completed only when the payment of a deposit of EUR 80 to 400. A risk of payment default is kept this as low as possible. That but you can get already a good mobile device or even a NetBook without a mobile phone contract for such an amount, you should not forget. Even if the advantage of attractive mobile telephone agreement then.


Android Lemcke

August 14th, 2015

Accessibility at smartphones Android since Markus Lemcke a Smartphone operating system Android has, he is excited by this phone. For him as a person with a disability, its Smartphone is an important tool. Beat Street maps and site plans was a major problem for Lemcke, because the spastically paralyzed hand hold the impossible by road maps and site plans made. Today, uses the app from “Google Maps” Lemcke and has track in a comfortable way. If he does not can click a link because of his disability on the Smartphone because it is too small, the whole Web page is spread through two fingers increased and the link has a suitable size. This is very comfortable. Because typing with one hand is exhausting, Lemcke on the language input would be. Mails, SMS or communication in the chat with Skype or Facebook can by clicking on the microphone to be talked.

Speech recognition by Google is even better as the voice recognition software that must be purchased. Google has of course also intended to blind and visually impaired people. There are many apps, in part by Google in part by third-party providers, which make accessible for blind and visually impaired of the Smartphone. There is even an installer app for accessibility. The app helps the disabled people to find all the apps and install that can facilitate the operation of the Smartphone a disabled person.

Markus Lemcke is convinced that the Smartphone is an important tool for people with disabilities. That’s why he offers advice for disabled people who want to buy a Smartphone and need tips when choosing a purchase and barrier-free set up of smartphones. Ebeso will write in the next 12 weeks on his blog on the subject of accessibility with Smartphones Lemcke. Contact: Marlem software holder: Markus Lemcke Adolf Damaschke str. 25/42 72770 REUTLINGEN TEL: 07121/504458 E-MAIL:

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Sparruf Account

January 14th, 2015

From around the world for three cents per minute in the German fixed network all it takes is a Sparruf account, access to the Internet and a headset. The rest is a breeze, which saves a lot of money: the Sparruf user login just on flashruf.html with his Sparruf access data, enters the destination phone number, press the green phone button and Sparruf connects it to the desired call partner. BBs couldn’t be easier. It works in any Internet cafe or other Web-access worldwide. Locally incurred any costs for the service, because the connection to the Sparruf servers in Germany won’t cost a penny no matter, on which corner of the world the Sparruf users logged in. The then existing Sparruf tariffs are unbeatably cheap: as connections to German landlines with Sparruf cost only 3 cents per minute around the clock, connections in a German cellular network are billed at 15 cents per minute. Are also conversations in other European fixed networks, as well as South Africa, Japan, Brazil, and Australia with nine cents very cheap, connections in the local mobile networks cost 19 cents per minute. In the United States, Russia and many Asian countries about the People’s Republic of China or Thailand the Sparruf users for only 9 cents a minute no matter on the phone, whether the conversation in the landline or a mobile network goes.

Sparruf CEO Nikolaus Starzacher: Flashruf is the solution for anyone who wants to make cheap calls abroad and has Internet access available. So, can you make a call from Australia or Thailand for half an hour in the German fixed network and paid only 90 cents. And 2.70 euros a half-hour conversation in the United States. Even the connection in a German cellular network is sensationally cheap 4.50 euros for 30 minutes.\” Who on his next trip abroad or at home from Flashruf wants to use, but has no free Sparruf account yet, register just call 0355 4949 000 new customers get one euro starting balance on request and can use the service immediately test: flashruf.html.



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