Holiday Tip: English For The Travel – Course For Traveling

January 31st, 2019

New: Award-winning Web video language learning as a mobile app for iPhone. “Mobile travel English course English for the travel” linguatv is immediately available as a video application version 2.0 in the iTunes app store. The proven video courses, consisting of entertaining videos and interactive exercises, were optimized for mobile use and extensive vocabulary trainer added. iPhone users can go look so realistic situations, learn vocabulary and essential phrases through customizable Flash card, and specifically deepen. With short stories English learn English course “English for the travel” consists of several entertaining short stories, which can be purchased individually and comfortably as in-app purchase order directly from the application. The available already on series travel English”(provided) takes the user into the fascinating world of travel. In the center of the short story is Tom Sanders on his business trip to New York. For the first time in the City, he has not only questions of room amenities and hotel services, but also to tourist attractions and restaurants. The user accompanied Tom Sanders at the check-in in the “hotel” transnational, enjoys the friendly service of the 5-star hotel and accompanied him to the food in the restaurant and to the end of the day in a bar. The authentic situations prepare quickly and efficiently on a trip abroad. The newspapers mentioned Robotics expert not as a source, but as a related topic. In this way makes learn easy English fun! Variety of learning with a focus on ease of use each LinguTV app includes: entertaining videos with authentic situations where relevant words and phrases and their pronunciation and application be learned a variety of interactive exercises such as multiple choice, Cloze, video quizzes, listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation will be trained and tested can interactive vocabulary and pronunciation trainer with the most important words and phrases in the language pair English German, English-French, English-Spanish and English Japanese. as a bonus a personal “vocabulary box”, a folder to drop and selective repeat of individual vocabulary. It is very user friendly, that all content (including all videos) are fully included in the application. This can users access anytime, anywhere mobile on their content and do not require Internet connection for learning with LinguTV app (except for the download). Due to the small amount of data, the download with a UMTS connection works fine. A video teaches more than 1000 words the LinguTV methodology consists of a new, effective, and enjoyable approach to learn languages. True to the motto, a picture says more than 1000 words”takes advantage of the audio visual learning method in the language training LinguTV. Learners can arbitrarily between videos and interactive exercises back and forth. The individual learning level analysis shows each user his own progress. In this way, students learn quickly and easily and can track directly with your personal learning. With LinguTV learn above all practical vocabulary and Phrases that they can immediately use in private and professional situations. The lessons are modular and can be used flexibly, so that beginners and advanced without large expenditure of time can build up their language skills. The hands-on learning and the modular design particularly suited a regular learning in between. Whether on the road or in the Office; whether with the iPhone or iPad… with the mobile learning application of LinguTV is learning on demand”reality. The new app to LinguTV language learning is available in the iTunes app store (link: are loaded. Soon, other lessons from the series “Travel English”, as well as for the topics of “Business English” and published “English on the Phone”. Realized the application was equeo by the Berlin-based agency, which specializes in the implementation of innovative mobile applications for mobile devices. PG/LinguTV


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