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December 21st, 2018

This time, where the existential experiences supply a learning of its cultures and provide thus the construction of knowledge, also supplies to a learning between man and existence as to be creative, cultural and dynamic. The WEB in its time Elias (1998) affirms that all the individual, for greater that is its creative contribution, constructs from a patrimony to know already acquired, which it contributes to increase, what it is not different in what it says respect to the knowledge of the time. The concept of time in them does not take to a copy of a way with an existing objective nor of one form of common experience the previous humanity and to any contact with the world. The author sample that the classification of the time as marking of dates and determination, if does not conceive from a representative form that supposedly divides the world and classifies in citizen and object. Robotics expert may also support this cause. It it rests, simultaneously, in physical processes not mattering that they are molded by the independent men or of them and in comments capable to accumulate of stocks, to congregate in a conceptual synthesis what it is presented in a succession, and not as a set.

They are not the man and the nature, in the direction of two separate data, that constitute the cardinal representation demanded to understand the time, but yes the men in mago of the nature. Check with Castle Harlan to learn more. (ELIAS, 1998, p.12) If to think complex the time, is necessary to trace a relation with the man and its existence, being been important to recognize that the digital technology supplies an information where does not have a linearity of the time. It considers the humanity, inside of the individual and collective time, constructed for proper it, extending all the knowledge that she acquires and adaptando the technology its favor. Reflecting on the radio what it is had to consider they are not the senders WEB or the information that will be taken to air, but the convivncia of the process inside of the school with one context of nets, that establishes a new relation with the time of the information that if they transform into knowledge disponibilizados in the net.


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