Anton Makarenko

July 16th, 2014

The outstanding Soviet educator Anton S. Makarenko not imagine teaching without mastering the skills of teaching techniques. Obligatory element of educational technology, AS Makarenko regarded the ability to properly understand the speaker's intonation and the ability to voice to express your mood, show your attitude to a particular pupil. "I must say that I learned here willy-nilly, and I know what it means to say" Hello "- a dry, restrained tone," Hello "- calm, kind tone, or "All. You can go "- restrained, but a soft tone. All of this practice. And if you put in front of several of these interesting problems and work out, it will be very good.

I have repeatedly made train their staff in such things. " Without conducting special studies, AS Makarenko, in practice, convinced of the value of information contained in the speaker's tone of voice, whether in its use in the educational process. Intonation – the language of emotions with which to understand the other person, regardless of words. It is known that young children differ in ability to "crack" a stranger at the first meeting. Largely due to the intonations of his voice.

Conversation is necessarily accompanied by emotional background – tone of voice. In children who have emotional and creative thinking dominates abstract logic, it is very expressive and beautiful, and has much greater range of voices than those of adults. Conversely, the perception of speech the child is more going on emotionally, and already then – logically. Important to him – what tone to him talk.

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Modern Age

March 17th, 2014

In the Greek thought, science and philosophy were still found entailed and alone they had come if to separate in the Modern Age, searching each one of them its proper way, that is, its method. Modern science is born when determining a specific object of inquiry and to create a method for which the control of this knowledge will become (SPIDER; MARTINS, 1993, P. 73). In the Age Modern, with the high valuation of science and the technology in favor of the progress, finishes for keeping out of society and judging inferiors the popular manifestations because of its acrtico, spontaneous character and without requirement of evidences. This can be evidenced in the law of the three states that August Comte established in its System of Positive Philosophy, where can be observed that for it, the positive state corresponds to the maturity of the human spirit (COMTE, 1999). … All our speculations, any that are they, are inevitably citizens, want in the individual, wants in the species, to pass for three state theoretical successively different, that the denominations habitual of theological, Metaphysical and positive …, the first one been always must doravante be conceived as provisory and purely preparatory, as, that it constitutes only one modification dissolvente of the first one, it never holds seno a simple similar transitory distinction to lead gradually to third, it is in this state, only fully normal, that consists, in all the sorts, the definitive regimen of the reason human being (COMTE, 1999, P.

05). Therefore, one another important aspect of the myth that must be emphasized, is while symbolic expression of the close experiences of a people, as it demonstrated Fromm (apud MULLAHY, 1978, P. 02): Freud, when studying the relation between the child and the parents and when observing the intense attachment to the ancestors of the opposing sex, as well as the antagonism against the ones of the same sex, thought to have joined explanations for this intriguing phenomenon in the private incestuous desires of the child.


Lonely Hearts Club Band

July 16th, 2011

First is a precursor disk recording techniques and composition. It was the first record in eight channels, with two four-channel consoles. In the recording there were also new things like the invention of the Direct Injection: before Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the group recorded a microphone directly to the sound of the instruments, with the Direct Injection, the Beatles guitars directly connected the recording boxes. Were used in recording over 700 hours of work and cost considerably exceeded any previous production. The idea disco-concept, is the way The Beatles had become a rock band into a disc from another group that experimented with new sounds in which the group becomes a band, a sort of alt-band, which will the show throughout the album, in which all the songs are united and have almost no separation between one and another, was very innovative for its time.

He was regarded even as the first opera – rock history. In fact, really the first opera – rock history would light a year later by the British band The Pretty Things, as discussed below (see Section 4. Consequences)? It was the first album that included the lyrics on the cover, which caused a protest by the label, as well, the letters could not be sold separately. However, because The Beatles had written all the songs, EMI could not do much about it. The cover of the album included a set of cutouts Carton: a mustache, sergeant’s stripes, two badges, a card and a desktop cutout with the Beatles as a band of Sgt Pepper.



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