The Chain

December 6th, 2012

All the tests, all the evidences were against it, and already it gave the psames to me for having to give voice of arrest to the man who, indirectly, helps my father to create me. Moreover, in more tenra age, gives the son to me as namorada, that I conserve until today with the respect maximum. It only had a solution, to arrest it and to trust God who pardoned me to the son, therefore when accepting the position already dominated me these suspicion. They only had then, two ways, or would pardon me to it, or with the arrest of the father ours namoro of as many years would arrive at the end. It stopped a little, it reflected and it analyzed the fisionomias, whose looks were fixed in its figure and time for another one gave one searched carefully plaintiff in the one of the mayor, who if rummaged uneasy. Youngster did not obtain to before forget the words it twelve hours, when he says that the father it would take off but it, if did not have care, would be all tangled more not to leave. Alberto looked at significantly for the military and had understood that from that instant it would leave the conjecturas and would enter in direct accusations, and if they had prepared to what came. It wanted the destination, however, that two isolated facts happened at moments and different places and could witness.

A phone call and a lighted light, of dawn. What it has of so strange or comprometedor in a phone call or a lighted light, of dawn? It swims, if the person who makes the two things is innocent, but if he is a fine assassin, if patife is one that it only deserves the chain, these two things has one meaning very great. was what I saw.


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