Contemporary Literature

December 3rd, 2012

Well, is very late: I find you better to catch a taxi. – Is cold. There, finishing of if dressing, waving with the hand, it is said farewell. It smiles in repayment to the greeting and hears the hard steps if moving away, the door being open, later closed Rapazinho gained the street. It will see when it again? However Telephone will be enough to it that, calling it. It is remained reflecting. It recognizes the necessity practical to end the friendship that it feeds, to prevent futures problems.

With skill, it will be gotten rid of the loving one. Now a bath will make to it very well. , If raising from there hasty, it is directed the bathroom. It crosses the room. Through the opened window, it sees the dawn advanced. Which the surprises that the new day will bring to it? Soon, opening> shower, with nervous gritinhos, polishes, if heating. Pablo Valena is paraibano author, with fiction books awardees national; Verbete of the Dictionary Biobibliogrfico de Escritores Contemporaries; Verbete of the Encyclopedia of Literature Contemporary; Member of some literary institutions; Gift in diverse sites; It inhabits in Recife/PE.


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