Blogging Basics For Beginners

November 2nd, 2013

Blogs and social networks are inextricably linked, in the sense that both contain certain characteristics and properties of the other. Both are intended to create a broad movement in regards to the multimedia interaction. While it is true that blogs can regulate and maintain private, the main objective of them is reaching a certain number of people, in order to have a medium to express their opinion. In this way, you can contact with people from all over the world who, otherwise, you would have not known. It is similar to the role of social networks. It is a center where young people congregate in an amicable manner. The possibilities of obtaining an audience on a platform of this kind are high.

The origin of the term blog is interesting. Originally it was called weblog, i.e., a log, a newspaper or a magazine that helps track everyday thoughts. That was rather in its early stages and not immediately became an instrument of propaganda. Later, this term was reduced to blog and then is when free blogs like Blogger services became very popular. As mentioned previously, blogs today are not limited only to keep a journal. They have really become a platform where different types of people in all areas, whether or not the same ideology, they can discuss the issues who believe that they are important. In the 21st century, the blog has come to become an important tool for the advertising of people wishing to market their products online and for politicians who want to reach the masses. Web sites, operating in a different domain and for which individual tabs and all templates should be designed and created from scratch, unlike blogs sites do not require such knowledge. Blog service providers have incorporated their own templates and fonts that must be chosen by bloggers, based on their own tastes and preferences.


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