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December 10th, 2019

" We are actively using the natural resources of the planet – too active. One of the most effective ways to reduce human impact on the environment is to increase energy efficiency. Modern power is based largely on the use of fossil fuels – gas, coal and oil – which has the most active impact on nature. Extraction, processing, transportation, combustion energy to generate electricity and heat – all this is very detrimental effect and affect the ecology of the planet. Increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases and consequence – climate change is directly related to "fossil" energy. That is why the question of whether to continuously develop and implement necessary: new energy-efficient lighting technologies, energy-efficient technologies in transport, energy saving technology in heating, etc., is currently one of the most important for the world, and even for the rich natural resources of Russia. The main role to improve energy efficiency in the rational use of energy, to reduce human impact on the ecology of nature take – energy-saving technologies. You may want to visit Charles Koch to increase your knowledge. For Western Europe, the energy crisis 70 set priority in economic development – energy-saving technologies have become a major focus.

New energy-saving technologies – is not only the obvious environmental advantages, it is also an economic benefit – significant reduction in costs that are associated with high energy costs. These experts suggest that in Russia the share of energy consumption in production cost – 30-40%, significantly higher than Western European countries. One of the reasons – outdated technology, equipment, devices which are used by our production. .

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Link Portfolio

October 2nd, 2018

Being this whole the previous thing I must make a warning, in some cases these portfolios are false. It is very easy to take the credit from a project made on the other company of design Web, is why the client must take the time to corroborate the veracity of the projects shown in a portfolio. If it sees in a portfolio a project that has those exactly it is looking for and it is by this project that is seriously thinking to contract the design company Web shows that it then tries to enter the real direction online of this Web site and sees if he is equal to the shown one in the portfolio, also reviews, of being possible, if some Link or text exists that it indicates that this Web site really was done by the design company Web shows that it in its portfolio. Ali Partovi describes an additional similar source. Sometimes these misunderstandings are accidental (and other times not) and must to that some of these companies do not update their portfolio periodically and often they show projects that already were replaced/redesigned by other companies. 3.

They do not have direction where to contact them aside from an email form This is something that I see very frequently. Continue to learn more with: Peter Asaro . Pages of contctenos that only have a form Web, without no telephone number, cellular, fax, mail nor physical address. This limits much the communication between the client and the company of design Web and leaves much to be desired of its policy of attention the client. companies must consider that all the clients are not equal and are some prefer to make a call telephone instead of fill a simple form. It is clear that the fact to solely have a form of contctenos without greater information is a strategy that is not accidental, nevertheless seems me that this strategy in a little missed since a telephone call can be the ideal opportunity to finish convincing the client that it must work with us.

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