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October 12th, 2014

20 interesting facts about mobile phones. 1. Young people are the most common category of mobile phone users, mobile phones use 1.7 billion young men and women, their costs are $ 350 billion a year. 2. The largest number of mobile phones in India, at the current rate of spread of mobile phones by 2012, every 5th winner of the phone in the world, will come from India. 3.

Until 2012 in Europe will be 12 million new mobile phone owners. 4. The most common mobile phones among the rural population in India, in this country a hundred million inhabitants of the villages have one or more mobile phones. 5. Latest money young people spend with pleasure at the completion of their mobile bills, eating in the background. 6.

If you are a fan of a particular manufacturer of mobile phones, the company will bring you about 1 yew. Dollars. 7. In the promotions and commercials manufacturers of mobile phones are lying in 60% of cases. 8. If your mobile operator sends you messages of an advertising nature, then by age 18 you will see them about 1 million 9. 70% of young population, the choice of mobile phone, guided experiences with their friends or acquaintances. 10. Every 10 minutes in the world of teenagers are changing sim card 8,000 yew. Times. 11. Operator young people change when about 40% of their Friends use the services of another operator. 12. United States fastest growing country in the growth of social networks tailored for mobile phones. 13. 85% of mobile phone users use it as a camera. 14. 5 days, the application downloaded Skype for the iPhone 5 million users. 15. Because users change the mobile operator, the latter lose about $ 30 billion a year. 16. Only about 200 million people in China use mobile Internet. 17. Europeans are buying the phone in eight years. 18. Proceeds from sales of Amazon's done with the help of mobile phones is $ 1 billion. 19. The Indians daily spend about 6 hours of their time to listen music from your mobile phone. 20. European sends an average of 20 tis. Text messages per year.

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