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May 5th, 2014

The latest BITKOM extrapolation can search for solutions last year there were 83 million unused phones according to BITKOM extrapolation. The latest survey showed that households are now off to more than 100 million old phones in German. Numerous product innovations and corresponding shorter cycles provide a higher phasing-out of old equipment. Maybe you have more aware to themselves, what does this mean: valuable raw materials lie fallow in the drawers and not be attributed the recycling. ReCommerce remedy here companies such as FLIP4NEW.

Through the acquisition of electronic devices such as Smartphones, tablets, PC BBs, cameras u.v.m. the purchase service ensures the return of used equipment on the market. The sale is fast, easy and secure – any costs or fees resulting the customer. Thanks to a fair and transparent price discovery, made using an automatic system, the customer receives always current market prices for its used electronics. How it works: when select one or more devices that are to be sold and after answering a few short questions about the State of the article, the customer gets a price proposal directly. This price says to the customer confirms the purchase and distributed the goods free of charge at FLIP4NEW. Within a few days, the payment to the account of the customer. The sale of used consumer electronics seems to be the way, reduce the mobile mountain and to take advantage of it even.

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