Teaching Games

March 10th, 2014

Games are a process of teaching and learning: Teaching and learning is equivalent to introduce between the teacher presents information and knowledge that students construct (from the information) a third element, traditionally the third element was the method. Currently, it is the CTIC Dida STRATEGIES using the teacher. What are they? A set of actions performed by the teacher with a clear and explicit pedagogical intention. The intervention teachers are occurring element mediating the process of teaching and learning with their profession’s own resources and materials selected in accordance with the possibilities, needs and expectations of their students, allowing students to bring the contents to the possibilities comprehension and learning by students: UA a selecting the words used, UA a choosing the objects that will support equipment which will provide, UA a certain activities to be selected, AU a proposing certain objectives, UA anticipating various outcomes for children in your group, UA a make sense of what he does, AU to provide relief a relevant to the execution of the task, UA articulating different types of interactions between students and teachers, among students with each other, with the content and materials. Learning is not a linear process of accumulation of facts, but, by contrast, is a dialectical process of transformation and dynamic information and procedures to build and use, so the teacher will demonstrate their creativity in the design and planning of teaching strategies, allowing the child to appropriate curriculum content. From the child: the child is taken five years as a comprehensive whole and unified to produce a complete and harmonious education through the development of each and every person’s own capabilities, ie those concerning the cognitive or intellectual development, personal development and emotional balance, relationship development and social integration and development relating to moral and ethics, so we will be developing the potential or ability possessed by a person in order to reach the acquisition of new knowledge and skills which in turn will enable him to acquire new learning through self-activity of this age.


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