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February 17th, 2014

Hello everyone who reads my story! I want to write a short article about my website. I created a website on hosting Ucoz but of course it's not entirely my site, and site designer SWTP, but still to early experience is what you need. And here I come the idea to try to make this site which I will make a profit and others will be equally interesting. And I do better not come to mind as to create a web page in which will help the novice Webmaster promote your site. Yes you say that this is as old as the Internet itself. I agree with you, but in a network of places and missing all but like two monsters such as "classmates and OpenID" is in principle also sites for the exact same topic only with a different set of functions and to provide a different set of services in fact. But they get along fine on the network.

No, I do not pritenduyu that my site will become steeper above is just a great example of what the place is enough for everyone, but my task just to make the site interesting for you. Yes, yes it is for you the reader of my articles my site and look up to you myself if it fits for you or not, but you can on the status of cooperation only with sites such as facebook or twitter address of course you. Well, with your permission I will continue the story on its website. So I give you a banner exchange, provided that you put on your site my button. I also make a banner for you and set up his course of additional charge, well, just because all work must be paid.

In the upper block are two of my reff link, you can register on it and I'll tell you how these sites can easily earn a couple bucks day, provided the work themselves into your Web Mani will not fall. In place of my banner can be your for a fee more than 10 RUR. per day. So I invite you to a website where I'm always happy to see you. Sincerely KRUG_M!

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