Digital Reading

May 20th, 2012

It is understood that the education of the Portuguese Language must give conditions to the pupils to acquire knowledge become that them capable to progress and that such progress gives guarantee to them of a releitura more criticizes of the reality. The pupils consider the sufficiently difficult Portuguese Language discipline between them of the pertaining to school resume, and therefore, appeal to an ability takes that them if to communicate of the form as they better incase themselves, that she is through the Internet. He is in it that they get loose themselves of the grammatical rules, that are established by the grammarians, denying all restrained a lingustica culture already for them. The pupil, through the reading and of the writing, if appropriates of information that will go to contribute for the construction of its knowledge. The pupils, when arriving at Basic and Average Ensino, present disinterest for the reading, prove the theoreticians. The habit of the reading is a continuous process that must be initiated before the child frequentar the school; only thus, it could be a way of acquisition of culture and not something obligator.

It is basic that practical one of reading since the initial series is developed one, making possible to the pupil the formation of the taste for the reading and the writing. It is intended, here, to reflect on the sprouting of the writing until the digital age and the possible contributions of this new technology, involving pupils of Basic and Average Ensino, providing a bigger contact to them with diverse materials of reading. Word-key: Reading. Writing. Abilities. It was Digital. Culture.


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