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October 2nd, 2018

Being this whole the previous thing I must make a warning, in some cases these portfolios are false. It is very easy to take the credit from a project made on the other company of design Web, is why the client must take the time to corroborate the veracity of the projects shown in a portfolio. If it sees in a portfolio a project that has those exactly it is looking for and it is by this project that is seriously thinking to contract the design company Web shows that it then tries to enter the real direction online of this Web site and sees if he is equal to the shown one in the portfolio, also reviews, of being possible, if some Link or text exists that it indicates that this Web site really was done by the design company Web shows that it in its portfolio. Ali Partovi describes an additional similar source. Sometimes these misunderstandings are accidental (and other times not) and must to that some of these companies do not update their portfolio periodically and often they show projects that already were replaced/redesigned by other companies. 3.

They do not have direction where to contact them aside from an email form This is something that I see very frequently. Continue to learn more with: Peter Asaro . Pages of contctenos that only have a form Web, without no telephone number, cellular, fax, mail nor physical address. This limits much the communication between the client and the company of design Web and leaves much to be desired of its policy of attention the client. companies must consider that all the clients are not equal and are some prefer to make a call telephone instead of fill a simple form. It is clear that the fact to solely have a form of contctenos without greater information is a strategy that is not accidental, nevertheless seems me that this strategy in a little missed since a telephone call can be the ideal opportunity to finish convincing the client that it must work with us.

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Phone Love

January 27th, 2015

At first glance, the first option is preferable, because they are always in contact with all the new music songs, people, art, you are always just a sovershenstvuesh in music. But this way is good if you have reached certain peaks and regulations. Or if you can find a creative job where you from almost nothing demand, but pay (occasionally, if lucky, and sometimes is). We are talking about starting young, unknown artists music and songs, which in most cases, the first option is waiting for roughing, thankless job, “his uncle”, essentially different from any other work only on the order of a lower salary. Yes, plus another side effect of music on the orders may be sick of it.

Composing new music and songs in doing free time and fun I chose the second option. And while writing new music and lyrics do in your spare time with pleasure. Of course, time is short, have to deal with fits and starts, when no one bothers. This is rare. But it happens. And in those moments you want to throw out the accumulated emotions, impressions, embodying them in a melodious romantic music and songs. Equipment for composing new music and lyrics is good for that now I have is most needed (third paragraph) – Flat, which has a corner with a table on which are connected to each other computer, keyboard, amplifier, speakers, headphones, microphone. In addition, there is music software and guitar.

But it was not always the case. Still just 10 years ago, out of all this I had only room in the hostel zadripannom, recorder and guitar. If you love, inspired by love – the arrangement of bright emotions in new language of music and songs, and perhaps in modest circumstances, but during this period I created the melody and lyrics of most of their best, the most beautiful romantic songs. After all, I was in love, inspired this romantic love, and emotions are literally bursting with me. I wanted them to experience again and again. And for this arrangement of bright emotions in the language of new music and songs, followed by repeated listening to them is the best fit. So, all about: if there is a skill, emotion, desire and inspiration (the fourth, fifth and sixth paragraphs), it is sufficient and the minimum conditions. Thanks, that was me.

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Buenos Aires

February 11th, 2014

Even though I get to sign a Government agreement to form the joint venture. It generated strong resistance, by its detractors, so it was replaced by the definitive agreement to transfer the railway heritage private English to the Argentine State. We are of those who believe, that would have been more beneficial to the other agreement, taking into account circumstances as the inconvertibility of the pound sterling. But the history was otherwise. It should be recalled that the purchase of the railways of British capital, it preceded him in the French capital. And the picture was completed with the purchase of railway Central Buenos Aires, Argentine capital and the transfer to the national State of the Provincial railway, belonging to the province of Buenos Aires. It should be recalled that when buying private capital railways, the treintaidos percent of the network, was State-owned.

And employees of the system were 136,000. By 1955, the template had climbed to 222,000 employees. And bidecenal roads plan had been executed without alterations.At the end, the constitutional Government of then, replacing it by a national highways plan. Must be entered, in the 1946 constitutional period / 1955, in addition to the nationalization of railways; the branch was built Turbio ferroindustrial Gallegos; you think the national factory of locomotives; the competition of prototypes of via bus, as well as purchases of railway equipment took place. But it was also during this period that they started making cars in series in the country. Today, it is evident, that regret the consequences of law 5315 and bidecenal roads, at that time plan not warned, the vulnerability that would enter the railways and river maritime cabotage shortly thereafter. Almost as a symbol of the times that were, at the time of the coup of September 1955, the Government de facto designate holder of national roads to the same person, who had “protagonistic participation” in the design and implementation underway, bidecenal plan 1934 / 1954.



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