January 19th, 2015

Seven years pointed sound vibrate on October 2 especially the woofer in the Batschkapp. For the seventh time, it says: “best of Mainova home game”. Then the five hottest bands of the region in the spotlight of the big stage may prove. And their fans really heat up. Frankfurt am Main, September 24, 2010 – “boards that mean the world” – This applies to the city’s a stage hardly so much as for the Batschkapp. Many sizes of the music world have been rocked and gejamt.

A step in the right direction to the appearance in the road for the five bands of the “best of Mainova home game” evening will be. Regional cultural promotion with solid roots: at home in the world. From the heights of the music business models that have become known that greet “best of Mainova home game”-line up 2010: Emirsian, Freezeebee, courageous, mad cow disease, harmful, Auletta and Wagner love played even on a 2nd October at the Batschkapp. As always, five bands really settle in the stuff. They all have the before it’s “Night life” proved.

The Frankfurt live Club hosts the “Mainova home game”. There two bands who are serious about play on Sundays around 25 year: handmade live music up close. Who then neatly inside skin, is recommended for the Batschkapp stage. The paramount goal for all at the “best of Mainova home game”: the musical quality. Something else not there’s also this time the ears. Exudes rock can kill Ayefore. Oscillates between loud and quiet, fierce and gentle of the progressive rock of Braggpeak. Contemplative politically sound the texts to the Dolce-Vita German pop by Gastone. The R & B by Skywalk kidnapped the imagination to Istria. And lyrical melancholy’s will hear rumschubst at the Gothic-Rock of stealing the bride – the everyday demons. A booming perfect evening for the fans of bass and guitar.


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