Windows and Blinds

December 28th, 2011

The main advantage rolstaven is of course the relative simplicity of their design, which allows you to open a full window opening or close it if necessary. In order to reveal the protective blinds (shutters), requires special equipment, and the cracking process can take a long time and creates a lot of noise. Protective properties is also the fact that breaking the shutters offender should be on everyone's mind, and technically difficult work. Because of this protective shutters are the best protection for the window openings of private homes and apartments. Advantage of the protective shutters can be regarded as additional features that help to protect the inner room from prying eyes, sunlight, sunlight and noise. The use of protective rolstaven allows you to quickly and fully respond adequately to the changing weather outside. When closed, the shutters provide an opportunity to save on heating in winter and air conditioning in the heat. Opportunity application of electric drives for rolstaven significantly increases the comfort control security shutters, it allows you to raise and lower the blinds by simply pressing a button.

German electric drives firms ELERO make it possible to manage without special elektrozatrat shutters, because the power of one drive may be about 120 watts, which is comparable with the power of the 1 st of household light bulbs, and short-interval inclusion almost no effect on energy consumption in a private home. Yet it is possible to use shutters as a garage door in the unheated garage. Together with electric and remote-controlled from the control, roll-up doors (garage shutters) allow maximum ease parkolvku and exit vehicles from the garage. Unlike the sectional doors do not need and do not occupy all the space under the ceiling, and roll up in a box outside garage, it makes the most practical use intragarage space. In addition, the shutters are used to protect windows and walls in shops and warehouses. In this case, the most popular shutters with manual control and lock in the lower bar. Require neither electricity nor the mechanisms for raising and closing. This is the most economical and practical roller blinds. 4-D common color of the products allow to pick up the protective shutters to anyone else under construction or existing buildings. Paint powder coating method makes it possible to protect the surface rolstaven against inclement weather and not to lose their performance and aesthetic properties for a sufficiently long period of time. The product of Western technology, shutters more firmly embedded in our lives and begin to move away from the market and the steel lattice shutters, which are not as comfortable and functional in its application.

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