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February 11th, 2016

How long do you think you need to learn to do on the WEB? A month or two, maybe a year? No, it is just a few hours, if you create websites based on CMS systems. You may even be the first time you hear about them, and the name of CMS (Content Management System) you feel mysterious. Nevertheless, already in his translation, it is clear that CMS – Content Management System is or to put it another way – content). Content – these are the materials that appear on this site: texts, images, videos, sound files, etc. To organize them properly and create a website you can go two ways: 1.Izuchat HTML, CSS and programming languages for WEB – the most widely used PHP and Perl.

After spending several months to study them, you become a real master of WEB and learn how to do full dynamic sites (ie, those whose content may vary). 2.Install on the CMS system and read a short tutorial on its use (this is the simplest case). At the same time you will spend a few hours – mostly it goes only to learn the basic terms, because the administration site through an already established system of CMS is intuitive even the novice. To add articles pictures and other materials created by the site enough to make a few mouse clicks in its backend (control panel). Sign in to it you can from any computer connected to the Internet via a normal WEB browser. CMS systems, there are many – there is a commercial (paid), and completely free.

And what to choose from this set – it is your decision, which depends on the decision convenience and ease of site management. Begin his acquaintance with many CMS systems with free advise Joomla. It is easy to install and configure, but has many possibilities. One major advantage – thousands of templates that can change the look of the site just a few mouse clicks. In addition, in the future, to deal with HTML and CSS, you can create your original template, and then no one would say that you have made the site is similar to others, like chickens from a hatchery.

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