Federal Statistical Office

December 27th, 2013

In calendar year 2005 were divorced in Germany according to the Federal Statistical Office, approximately 201 690 marriages. Thus, the number of divorces was 5.6% lower than during 2004. Of 10,000 existing marriages nationwide about 109 marriages were dissolved. The number of underage children who were affected by the divorce of their parents, stood at 156 390. The share of divorced marriages with minor children was 49.2% nationwide in the Federal Statistical Office takes the view that – on the basis of the available data in 2005 – are divorced more than a third of all marriages, sooner or later by the courts.

The vast number of divorces took place after one year of separation of the parties. The statistics contain no information on whether the separation occurred within the former marital home or whether the couple had sought after the separation of their own homes. Neither contains the statistics about how often flat allocation procedures were necessary. Irrespective of these statistical data, any separation and divorce, a significant and formative turning point in the lives of all concerned. The more important it is for the parties concerned to actively deal with the issues involved. Helpful is also the Internet where one can find numerous sites where interested parties can discover the first tips and information that may be helpful for addressing the situation. An active discussion of the separation and divorce around the emerging issues (such as maintenance, custody, visiting rights, property dispute, etc.) also helps people to be able to judge the work of their own lawyer the better.

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