Riu Del Cura Computer

December 26th, 2013

A name with meaning, which can be translated as he laughs or I also laugh. A precious smiles language or a riverbed which collects water drops and leads them to our beautiful sea. A neighbor tells me his first encounters with the priest of my people. He wanted it to be computerised and knew that I had a computer on his table. But he found that connection was missing. Connection?. Yes, this small thread that leaves behind the computer and it makes it possible to communicate with the outside world and call it Internet. It is curious that my people over the past two decades the chance that we have been able to play is given with the meaning of various surnames to define (rightly or wrongly) to our illustrious characters.

Paramo former mayor who was left alone, Riu priest who directs believers and brings together efforts. The neighbor laughs forcefully when it tells me to look at the cure computer more closely, it is not that only missing the thread to connect, but that also does not I had no network card. While we take another drink in the bar of the village (already considered City), my neighbor goes back to those early days, and as he was solving the questions posed the cure him, it seems that cost a little that is came to know and still had to spend several months for that after a trip to the Holy land that had organized the parishthe priest of the village remain satisfied and convinced of the importance of having Internet. It was those lands where there was excited to see on a small screen that he spoke of his parish and exposed photos of your church. In recent elections, change the Moor (the loneliness of the leader) by Casamitjana (halfway house), Yes, that Mayor I pregono participation and I remain without it.

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