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December 5th, 2013

Then the difference would no longer be in favor of "MegFon-Moscow. Rate Megaphone – "Home" rate for those who constantly calls only 3 rooms. As a result, we obtain the following (30 sms and 150 minutes to mobiles within the network and 100 minutes to the city and on the phones of other operators) for: – "Home" (Moscow) – 970 p. – For "Home" (SPB) – 761 p. Little difference in 1.27 times. For this rate in Megafon spb "too many additional services that help you reduce the payment of up to 600 rubles. Rate MegFon "mobile" tariff for calls to mobile phones.

As a result, we obtain the following (30 sms, 150 minutes within the network, 50 minutes for other mobile operators, 50 minutes to the city. 1 call lasts for 2 minutes): – for "Mobile" (Moscow) – 695 p. – For "Mobile" (SPB) – 446 p. The difference in 1,56 times. Conclusion.

Moscow has confirmed once again the status of the expensive city. Why there is a difference in rates, I do not understand. It seems that the city is equally large, communication equipment using the same, the rental cost of land and premises are not much more in Moscow than in St. Petersburg. Let it remain on the conscience of the operators. What we got in the end: The biggest difference came out in the tariff Beeline – "Simply put, you a bonus." The difference in the 3.14 times large enough, so much so that you can buy Rates in St. Petersburg and at the same price deal in Moscow on long-distance calls. Thus not "greedy" from telecom operators was Megafon. Mainly because of what you need to compete in this regard, the Petersburg operator with Moscow. mts and Beeline approximately equal to the difference. ps All the calculations were made under my own name, under their own requirements and needs, so they may not coincide with yours. The next time I'll write about the most advantageous tariffs for specific needs. zy Their comments and suggestions to write in my blog.


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