Intellectual Linguistic Communication

April 3rd, 2018

Fine engine Manipulation and Coordination Blocks to incase, musical instruments. Psicomotor Adventure, Movement creative, sensorial Exploration, To play with objects Devices to go up, dances, modeling with scrap iron and table of discoveries. Basic form Details Examples To play Intellectual Linguistic Communication, function, Explanation, acquisition. To hear, to count histories. Scientific Exploration, inquiry, resolution of problems. To play with water, to cook. Symbolic mathematician Representation makes of account, miniworlds.

House of doll, casinha, theaters, games of numbers. Creative Aesthetic, imagination, fancy, reality and innovation. Painting, drawing, design, modeling. Basic form Details Examples To play Social, Emotional Therapeutical Aggression, regression, relaxation, solitude, to play parallel. Wood, clay, music.

Linguistic Communication, interaction, cooperation. Marionettes, telephone. Repetitive Domain, control. Any thing. Empartico Affection, sensitivity. Animals of esteem, other children. Autoconceito Papers, emulation, morality, ethnicity. Cantinho of the house, workshops of services, quarrel. Games Competition, rules. Games of words and numbers. It must be observed that a significant overlapping in all exists the areas, impossible to represent of figurative form. Perhaps the readers desire to construct a wheel to play, three overlapped circles, but of decreasing, separate sizes for wedges, each I contend presented the basic and detailed item above, being able to be rotated in inside of the other, what he more adequately represents the relationship between the areas. What one perceives with the transformation of playing, is that with the advance of the technology and the disordered growth of the cities, is each more difficult time to find spaces to play, and that this lack of space contributes so that the children if abide the electronic games, that limit to a motor learning; the school in turn, if sees pressured to work contents that they will provide to the pupils a place in the field of work and installment of vestibular contests and not if I take care of the necessity of the child to play.


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