Pedaggia Mediation

October 24th, 2012

This study Education in the distance emerges the diffusion of the called modality of education that it consists of the mediation of the relations between the professors and pupils where those teach and these they learn by means of not conventional situations, that is, spaces and times that both do not share, through the Technology. The Education in the distance comes growing each time more, becoming bigger the measure that the population searchs to educate itself to ouatualizar professionally due to the fast changes and transformations without all the fields of knowing and of the life human being in the planet. This work it is divided in: conception of the education in the distance where it tells sucintamente what it comes to be EAD and its importance, the auto learning, showing the main characteristics aspects of the autonomy, the communication of the learning process of the paper of the tutor mainly of the Technology and the process of learning, Technology and pedagogical mediation Technology, evaluation pedagogical mediation; It can be said that it is difficult to say on technology and education without mentioning the learning process, therefore, the technology a tool that assists the teach-learning process. The used methodology was a revision of literature through bibliographical research the analyzed materials will consist of scientific dissertaes, articles, books of some authors such as: Aretio, PrettI, Souza among others and documents that will be collected in the Internet. Through this process if it allows to acquire and to construct to necessary knowledge for elaboration and construction of the present work thus making possible a rich reflection regarding the importance of the technologies and the paper of the actual tutor. Bibliographical research is summarized in carrying through a extensive reading in diverse workmanships, articles, texts among others in order to become fullfilled analytically a reflection regarding what already it was produced on determined subject, thus making possible the recital of the article. In accordance with Marconi and Lakatos (2007, P. 43-44) the bibliographical research ' ' it consists of the published bibliography survey already on determined subject in pesquisa' '. The research comes through techniques to make possible this search for a reply that is significant, aiming at the resolution of problems. Therefore the scientific research is a relative inquiry the science, that through scientific methods and applications of research technique, in them the deduction, conclusion of some situation take problem.


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