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December 17th, 2015

Of course, they take into account the views and recommendations of the experts, but when it comes to specific solutions – prefer to rely on their experience and common sense. Failure is always persecutes those who work with Eyes Wide Shut, but the ears always catch every word of another. 3. Put all your money in one ad Yes, exactly. Istratte all money that you have one big advertisement. Hope and pray that one such advertising will be successful. If it does not work, you simply can not remain in the organization of the new advertising. Practical and prudent dealers always invest relatively small amounts of money into each new ad and monitor its results.

Even in case of failure bankrostvo does not threaten you. Because if you're wasting only a small part of your advertising budget, you still remain a means to launch the second version of advertising, which eliminates errors of the first sample. 4. Refuse that is not immediately give any results if you install Google Adwords, but it does not make a profit – Immediately discard its use. Send out a sales letter. If it has not received responses – try to write a single article.

When that does not work, think of something else. If you believe that constantly need to do something is akin to the previous one, then at least you will not be bored, even if you do not earn the money desired. Often takes some time and testing to find the right margetingovuyu strategy for your business.

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