Systemic Communication

April 12th, 2014

Motivational: those that impact on the task but not on how to do the work, in personal behavior, and are aimed at building the identity, culture, motivation, consensus, participation, socialization, etc. So communication is not a magic wand that alone can accomplish something. As in life, individualism does not allow build long term, and less on the systemic world of organizations. Therefore, before making any promises, it is important to know that an internal communication plan can be perfect, but its success or failure depends not so exclusive of its correct implementation. Gone are days when, ignoring this aspect, often worked on plans for "command and control" only. But even with this form of direct, without good communication and downward vertical not have positive results. Today it serves more criteria for participation and integration of everyone in the company.

We're all going in the same boat. It requires a master, officers and crew Every company, for good governance, must work with plans and goals to achieve. Apply after all human, material and financial resources required for the successful achievement of these objectives. internal communication is essential for all staff of the company, at whatever level necessary to know what those plans to achieve those objectives and their degree of participation and effort in this task. If there is no internal communication or it is not appropriate, staff will not know where the boat goes, the path to follow and is expected each contribution. This situation usually darkened unviable plans and objectives to be achieved when used for internal communication, to: plan it properly gather several people at once selectively choosing the attendees messages clearly state to all appropriate clarification of the information to be transmitted adjust the level of information graduate assistants to the information received in accordance with the assimilation of the assistants ask questions ensure a clear understanding of the information provided assess the level of perceived check the information received acceptance and the reaction of attendees possible changes or additions to the information provided at the request of the participants great flexibility exposition receive progress, comments, suggestions and opinions assistants d elos bring together collectively motivate attendees about enhance the leadership post of the individual can address the meeting: customize convey information and screening to qualify the information about maximum flexibility communication listening to the speaker gather views and suggestions be able to speak more freedom on the impact of information An internal publication is characterized by: what is written can be re-read and understand can be saved to view at any time reporting only every few years, according to the frequency of publication There is a limited space not all the information you want to give the address information is publishable must be unique and the same for all be extended outside the company without control allows photos, graphics and a more attractive design the reader can capture its attention runs the risk of being viewed in light of this function principal, one could argue that the internal communication allows:.

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