Repair Pixels

May 9th, 2013

Many of the failures that can lead to repair an iPhone. Although it may seem ridiculous, one of the most common is the filtration of water between the circuits as a result of an accidental immersion. Using the phone in the pool can lead to dysfunction of some components or loss of valuable data. Only a good SAT iPhone will know to apply appropriate measures to reduce the volume of unrecoverable information as possible. The accumulation of impurities between the parts of the device is also frequent. Earth, dust and even stones can jam between buttons and circuits and return to the device virtually inoperable. (it is frequent, for example, that obstruction prevents the use of the Home button). In these cases, the first measure to take is to eliminate dust entering an extractor of compressed air through the ports of the device.

If this doesn’t work, will have to unmount the device to find out where is the problem and perform a thorough cleaning. Another common failure is the presence of defective pixels in the screen. These pixels are displayed in the form of static points of invariant color. If the color is black, talk about dead pixels. If the color red, green or blue, will be stuck pixels. In the first case, no other option that change the screen with a new one. In the second case, you can always attempting use of software solutions that will stimulate the defective pixels to force them to change colour as the others.It is always necessary to act with great care.

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