Rapid Convergence

August 28th, 2011

The Myth of Gender Equality Public perception of patterns are such that, where a guy would call "macho" or "ladies' man" and brother tap on the shoulder, the girl was not thinking will assign to the category of Servant of the most ancient profession, for which in everyday use unambiguous and inclusive term – "whore". Even if you do not say directly, they will think for sure. But it's not just that. Decide on an initiative to make the first move – even when the guy already in her home – she did not simple. And actually why? Let's lose situation further. Imagine that the refusal was a man. Politely and firmly told him "no." Disagreeable to him? Yes. His pride hurt? Absolutely.

But not fatal. Turn around and leave and have Half an hour later be sure: one refused, and the other will agree. Now imagine yourself in the same role. You have to offer, and you – the refusal. Not thrown into a fever? Can out of my head in thirty minutes? None. Notorious equality ends somewhere at the level of conversation, but when it comes to "psychology" – it is not in sight.

Why did a man can easily offer themselves as a partner, a woman must wait until it descend? With this, undoubtedly, something to do. And if a fight with his own psychology is difficult, there is one way out – need technology. Convenient, comfortable and efficient technology love connection or sexual communication. " A technique that will allow any girl friend to invite a guy sex.

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