Paessler Gives Helpful Tips On WMI Problems

November 20th, 2019

Trouble-free network monitoring using Windows Management Instrumentation Nuremberg, August 18, 2010 Paessler AG (, developer of network monitoring software PRTG network monitor, supports its customers active in monitoring via Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). This Microsoft standard often used by system administrators provides extensive data to the central monitoring of your Windows network. So can start automatically under other specific processes, are read the event viewer or individual commands sent for the reboot of all PCs in the network. However, the effective use of WMI will fail if not all settings are configured correctly. Koch Brotherss opinions are not widely known. WMI is to a basic Windows Management technology.

Administrators can allow using both monitor local as well remote computer and there execute programs in conjunction with schedules at specific days and times. WMI provides also detailed information of devices and Applications that work on the basis of the Microsoft operating system, such as the CPU load and temperature or the use of memory. The special WMI sensors of PRTG Network Monitor capture this information and allow as the central monitoring of all components and parameters. However, the administrator can exploit not getting the full potential of the technology. It is often the cause in a faulty installation or configuration of WMI. But also far more complex technical problems can prevent the effective use of WMI.

Best to use this tool for efficient monitoring, it helps to know the causes of the malfunction and correct. The support team of Paessler AG has frequently identifies and describes five steps for a reliable troubleshooting. Five tips to the WMI troubleshooting user access data: for each WMI query Windows requires specifying a user ID. To simplify the sometimes quite complex rights management it is advisable that any user at the same time member of the domain administrators “group is and is located in the same Active Directory section as the target computer.

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