One-on-One Student Development

June 22nd, 2018

An emotional relationship between teacher and student is established only if there is adequate time to gain a foothold. The student today needs priority attention by the educational institution, in lieu of the family, as has been mentioned many times this family has the traditional constitution is the teacher who assumes. To the extent that it establishes the emotional closeness, also achieved the internalization of knowledge, skills development and acquisition of skills by students. Time Contract: The teacher should be established in one educational institution so as to develop its full potential, with the comfort of a living wage and the number of students required to effectively achieve the results that society expects of the schools, along with it is the time that the teacher must devote to planning of curricular activities and non-teaching lessons. The time for planning, preparation of teaching materials, correction of assessment tools, classroom research, are essential for healthy development of pedagogical processes. For example the making of an assessment tool does not just mean making it physically but also mentally in the same building, information gathering, writing in front of computers, the application of this with the students, the revision of the instrument The study results in general and by item, planning feedback unachieved goals, and the subsequent application of another evaluative instrument to measure those goals back in the first measurement were not met. A teacher with 44 hours of contract can be performed according to current legislation in front of 42 hours classroom course, remember that teaching hours are 45 minutes, so for every hour that takes place chronologically have 15 minutes and with 42 hours of classes means that performed weekly time-31.5 hours and 10 classes, 5 hours is not teaching, this means for activities outside the classroom.

Consider an educational institution that has JEC, at least three breaks during the day of 15 minutes each so the week has a longer time is 3.7 .

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