New Technologies

October 11th, 2012

1.INTRODUO With the arrival of new technologies to the market, the Brazilian industry has important challenges to face. The companies must be intent and follow the evolution of the process, to identify to the impacts and the chances that the technologies of information and communication will bring for the professional formation. The convergent Nets are distinguished as a right arm in the ED (Education in the distance). The main reasons of the current expansion of the ED, not only in the country but in everybody, are basically three: the 1) increase in the requirement for formation or qualification; 2) the evolution of the unified communication multiplying half the technician capable to guarantee an infrastructure of YOU for efetivao of this type of education; 3) the emergency of a cibercultura that already is seen with much resistance, in establishment of interaction situations involving situated people in distinct contexts and places (BECK, 1997). With effect, changes in the productive organization they have guaranteed one better return for the consumers most demanding and are defined, over all, for the increase of the competitiveness of the market to guarantee the quality. This characteristic force the companies to search a work force each more qualified time (KOVCS and CASTILHO, 1998).

This provokes a true race for the accomplishment of courses in the most diverse levels, conquanto that a new qualification or a brought up to date formation guarantees its participants more and/or more consistent. The idea of the education is a process for which the student if cannot leave for concluded, but in contrast, it is perdurvel for all the life. The people who for some reason are not finding answers for its demands in traditional education – either for the absence of courses in the places where live, either for the lack of time for an integral devotion to a formation, are presenting as the preferential candidates for an experience in the distance.


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