Knowledge Management

December 11th, 2017

Moreover, it is important to consider as we were quoted a graduate student of the subject of management topics, take into account, provided by a Juan Jose Goni Zabala a in an article entitled a OEDE Knowledge Management to ‘knowledge management by , which highlights the need to understand and develop this latter form, stating that a The ‘ knowledge management is a current modeling of the transformation of companies considering introducing another resource (knowledge), to respond to new demands for change and improvement, in order to maintain competitive positions using intensively the capaciousness of people and technology information.

The management of ‘knowledge is another way to respond to the same phenomenon, but with emphasis on the value of knowledge as a strategic element that determines and shapes the organization and its model, management and development of the company, its products and services , and its network of partners, as key criteria in the mission and vision of the value of business, the contribution of individuals and their responsibilities in the organization of work teams, and the development of the strategy to explore and exploit knowledge. to comment on the student, we have very present, that knowledge management is first in place and establish which is the value of knowledge in the product or service brings to the market, in the form of organization, mechanisms for train and reward the people, how to value and manage partnerships with suppliers in the form of technology portfolio planning and how to motivate people to develop their knowledge. .

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