Federal Government

March 21st, 2018

If you assign the tender to Axtel, is would be seriously violated the Federal Government procurement system, with consequent mistrust by the industry of centres of contact and the risk of the issue by its viability display to Mexico and his Chancellor abroad. Companies Axtel and Impulse participated in the study of tendering and have clearly influenced the process. Bases give priority to them, since in addition to times clipped, include a series of technical requirements clearly focused to make the winner a telephone company and not a telephone contact centre. Chancellor Patricia Espinosa, should seriously question the higher officer for allowing that a service bases that call into question a critical service to cater to Mexicans in the United States issued. Above all, when for questionable reasons is intended to benefit a company in particular to the detriment of transparency and honesty that must characterize the representation of Mexico abroad. Mexitel is a public service appointments to schedule from a toll-free telephone number formalities passports and matricula consular in the consulates of the United States.

It is an important step forward in the services that lends the SRE. So it is striking over, that the own larger Oficialia has decided to publish the bidding rules of Mexitel with a series of vices that seek to favour Axtel about other possible contestants. On the bases, laying down technical requirements that are clearly impossible to comply for a contact center and which are rather part of what a dealer must guarantee to any user. So the bases have incorrectly set requirements not applicable to the tender, being that it is not a competition for phone services. Andreu Ruiz winning kitchen Jaen, paraiso interior award The dressing Blog of recipes of kitchen have been submitted allegations to the study of economic feasibility of the stretch of Ronda Norte in Cordoba.


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